Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Mike Freedman is a well refined guitarist, able to blend many music styles including, jazz, latin, pop and other world flavours into his own unique and memorable music.


Mike Freedman's new instrumental CD, "Heart Of The Night", is a combination of jazz, latin, pop and other world flavours. With it's memorable melodies and flowing rhythms, Mike's music exudes depth and lyricism. While performing most of the instruments on these tracks, Mike new CD also hightlights the musical talents of other musician's including, Arnold Faber (vibes), Dave Patel (drums) Wendy Irvine (vocals) and Rakesh Tewari (percussion). There great performances enhance the tunes and help bring the music to life.
Having studied both classical guitar, jazz guitar and film scoring at the Berklee College of Music, Mike brings another wordly sense to his music. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and musical skill to these recordings, having released 3 other albums and having performed on and helped produce many other CD's. Mike has performed extensively on both nylon string guitar and electric guitar and here Mike has a chance to showcase his love for many styles of music, including jazz, latin, pop and world music.


Mike has three albums to his credit, including:

Mike Freedman: Mother Earth
Mike Freedman: Postcards From The South
Mike Freedman: Guitar Textures (instrumental album)
Mike Freedman: Heart Of The Night

Set List

Sets can range from 45 minutes to about an hour and a half.