Mike Garner

Mike Garner


Boppin', fun Rock n' Roll with some Beatle-esque harmonies and 12 string guitar thrown in just for good measure.


Mike first started playing guitar at the ripe old age of 4, taught by his dad Mike Guaragna Sr., who was quite a jazz guitarist himself. After seeing four lads from Liverpool on Ed Sullivan’s TV show one night in 1964, the music bug really bit. Soon after that, Mike joined his first band and switched over to bass as his main instrument. And ever since then, he has been touring and playing music venues from end of this country to the other. Along the way he has put together a very impressive resume of recording and commercial work, while playing with a host of national acts. Now, after 13 years as leader and bassist of the popular roots rock ensemble The Sylvester Brothers, Mike has released his newest solo CD effort on Telelikz Records called “A Cup o’ Jo...and other delights”. This CD, along with his 1991 release “Playin’ House” are available for purchasing via CD Baby, direct ordering from his website (www.GarnerMusic.com) , and through digital download sites like iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and Sony Music. And look for his upcoming release "Beauty In The Beast" in early 2010!


Mike Garner - "Beauty In The Beast" (in production)

Mike Garner - "A Cup o' Jo...and other delights!" 2007

Mike Garner - "Playin' House" - 1990

w/ The Sylvester Brothers - "Rock n' Roll...Like It Was Meant To Be" - 2005

w/ The Sylvester Brothers - "Toad Hall" - 1998

w/ The Sylvester Brothers - "Live to D.A.T." - 1995

w/ Goldnote - "Goldnote" - 1982

* * plus various recording sessions, TV and Radio Commercials