Mike Garrigan

Mike Garrigan

 Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

"Through a voice that could charm almost any ear and emotions that could touch any soul, Garrigan finally makes sense of the world. Renowned for his work with former bands Athenaeum and Collapsis, fellow musicians should soon be renowned for working with just him." H. Brigman


Mike Garrigan has been writing and recording music since he was 16 years old. Mike developed his talent for songwriting as an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He graduated in 1997 with a double major in history and political science, Phi Beta Kappa.
While an undergrad, Mike recorded two notable albums. Building a Hole (1994) made a relevant, solo aggro-acoustic statement which filled many North Carolina coffee shops with new and interested fans. The Lessons of Autumn (1996) departed from Mike's solo acoustic style by employing the newly signed Atlantic Records band Athenaeum as the session band. This polished sound attracted even more fans as well as interest from prominent management companies.

After college, Mike formed the modern rock band Collapsis. Joining forces with Scott Carle (formerly of Dillon Fence), Ryan Pickett, and Chris Holloway (formerly of Queen Sarah Saturday) the band exploded on to the national music scene, peaking in 2000 with the #28 Billboard Modern Rock hit "Automatic." Culminating with the Cherry Entertainment/Universal Records release Dirty Wake, Collapsis toured the U.S. for three years. In January of 2001, Collapsis disbanded for undisclosed reasons.

In March of 2001, Mike joined the Atlantic Records band Athenaeum and toured the U.S. in support of the self-titled album Athenaeum. The band toured the country through the end of 2001 and continued to play regionally through the end of 2004. During his tenure with Athenaeum, Mike recorded The Promise of Summer (2002), the follow up to The Lessons of Autumn.

In 2004, the Mike Garrigan Four (known familiarly as mg4) recorded and released Gravity Affects Me, a four song EP that show cases some of Mike's best writing to date. While mg4 doesn't actively tour, the band finds time to play a few shows a year.

Currently, Mike is touring as a solo acoustic artist.

His latest album Mike Garrigan: Live at the Evening Muse (CD/DVD) highlights just about every facet of Mike's 14 year songwriting career. Also, it features six previously unreleased songs.

In the spring of 2006, Mike released The Gossman Passion, his first rock opera. This album features many of Mike's contemporaries including Mark Kano, Kyler England, and Chris Spruill. Details of this project may be found at www.gossmanpassion.com


"Sour Milk"

Written By: Mike Garrigan

Did the devil grab your tongue?
With an over easy sigh?
Everytime you cry,
Everytime you smile,
And, everytime you shine
You're the queen of all you see.
And, you're free to be yourself.
Yeah, you. And no one else.
You're free to be yourself
With treasure, heart, and shelf.
Free to be.
Free to be.

There's something more than this.
Would you send me a kiss?
'Cause I'm Gustav Klimt
And I can't find the words
Here in Webster's list.
And, don't you beat me down
With Luther's fist.
There's something more
Something more than this.

The king of what's begun
He's got a caramel taffy shape.
In his crystal, razor face
There's a copper, penny taste.
He's comet tail and haze.
He's a comet tail.
A common tale.

2002, Mike Garrigan

Two Become One

Written By: Mike Garrigan

You are the fire.
I am the light house.
Love is the blanket
That keeps us warm tonight.
I am the lion.
You are the thunder
That rolls through Pennsylvania
In the fall.

And the two become one.
And the two become one.

You are the cradle.
I am the grave stone.
Love is the distance
Between you and me.
I am the ocean.
You are the harbor.
Love is the tempest
That tears through the sky.

And the two become one.
And the two become one.

And the two become one.
And the two become one.
And the two become one.
And the two become one.


The Gossman Passion (2006)
Mike Garrigan: Live at the Evening Muse [CD/DVD](2005)
mg4: Gravity Affects Me [EP] (2004)
Mike Garrigan: The Promise of Summer (2002)
Collapsis: Dirty Wake (2000)
Collapsis: The Chartreuse EP (1998)
Mike Garrigan: The Lessons of Autumn (1996)
Mike Garrigan: Building a Hole (1994)

Set List

Mike will perform sets ranging 30 min to 3 hours in length, depending on the show.

Shorter sets are comprised of all original material.

Longer sets will incorporate tasteful 80's and 90's covers. Cover songs are almost always "re interpretations" of the originals. Expect a fun, creative, and daring acoustic show!

The Mike Garrigan Band is also available for higher profile shows. See tech rider for more specific details.