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Mike Goodz

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Mike Goodz, that's what they called him before he picked up the mic. Mike Goodz bring energy, catchy word play, lyrics, and joint you can dance to. Guaranteed to hit your rewind button.


Born, Michael Goodman, Phenom grew up in Harrisburg,Pa. Mike Goody, As he was called in high school first
learned of his talent of puttin catchy words on top of a thick arrogance, when he was 16. What started a the
thing to do while gettin nice, quickly became the preferred way to express daily events, emotions, and
He began honing his skils, filling his school notebooks with rap to trade in the hall way with Da REC. "I knew Ron was gonna have something hot, so I had to come wit some new fire too." They teamed up and did a couple talent show before splittin ways after graduation. While attending college in Allentown, Phenom continued writing. Phenom was introduced to Dj Odini. Odini was just gettin started djing. Phenom set off the intro on Vol 2 when Mixtape were really tapes. That provided the foundation that they built on once they hooked back up in the Starcity. Nat would send tracks to rap on and Phenom would return mixtapes.
Once Nat return from the army for good, he bunked on the couch til they were able to cop the IllaSquad Studio. This is where they recorded their first project The Illeat Mixtape Vol. 1.
A couple month with revolving doors for IllaSquad Members, Phenom and Nat continue doing shows, and
working on their 2nd project.


Hustle 25/8

Written By: Mike Goodz

I HUSTLE 25 hours, 8 DAYS a week, I go Hard I'm a machine I don't need sleep.


Illeat Mix Tape Vol. 1
Star City's Finest
IllaSquad 4 Life

Set List

Super Phenom
Call Us
Hustle 25/8