mike got spiked

mike got spiked

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

Irish schizo melody-tinged rock. A frighteningly tight hybrid of emo-metal, old-school punk, and bar-room mischief — aggressive and solid.


Ireland got real small, real fast for mike got spiked, who bagged themselves a top 30 single and international five-star reviews for debut album Caveat Emptor within a couple of years of their formation in late 2002.

America beckoned for the schizo-rock four-piece, and a slot on the 2005 Vans Warped Tour alongside the likes of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and The Dillinger Escape Plan strengthened their conviction.

Subsequent support slots with Anthrax, Head Automatica, Biffy Clyro and Kerbdog showed them they were well able to take on the best in the business, and so begun an 18-month American odyssey that took in 42 states, 160,000 miles and more than 400 shows.

Now based full-time in the USA, they are signed to Los Angeles management company Associated Talent Management, who also boast the likes of The Dead Kennedys on their roster.

Relentless touring, record sales topping 11,000 units, hundreds of thousands of MySpace plays and a top 10 slot on the Warped Tour's official download chart have predictably helped the band turn the heads of record labels.

But rather than put out on the first date, the band are still flirting outrageously with the labels hovering nearby, having turned down a couple of deals last year.

In advance of their eagerly-awaited second album, the band are to release a download-only, live acoustic album of new material, re-worked rarities and live favourites in the near future.

Furthermore, mike got spiked’s version of ‘Dry Riser’ is to be featured on the Kerbdog tribute album ‘Pledge: A Tribute to Kerbdog’, due for release next month, and this will definitely be an album to watch out for.

In the meantime, mike got spiked are on a month-long US tour from Chicago to Los Angeles, before entering the studio on March 1.


Fool For The Ladies

Written By: mike got spiked

Hey whattaya say now baby,
Lord knows I'm a fool for the ladies,
When I get that look my senses stop,
Watch that jaw drop,

And you know, she knows, these ho's they all know,(!)
When I catch the smell of your perfume,
I will be under your spell,
And I would go through seven layers of hell,
I might as well, I look to my right,
You're all over some other guy,
Well fuck you!

Hey remember me? I'm the guy,
Not the one you're going to be with tonight,
But I'm still wearing a smile,
Cos I will never let you see what you do to me,
Oh you got me so crazy,
I just might kill somebody tonight,
I'm a fool for the ladies.

Yo, fuck that fine ass bitch!

Don't get too EMOtional about it,
Comb that fringe back off my face,
And hide my disgrace behind a smile,
And try to reason why,
Why are you in my head?
While you're in his bed...naked.

Now I see there is just no chance for you and me,
So have a drink, maybe two, or even three,
Maybe forget my misery,
But then again I might, just,
Go outside tonight and pick a fight,
With your so-called "Mister Right",
And if I get the living shite beaten out of me, (and you will)
Guess that's just what I got to do,
Oh I'm such a fool, such a fool, such a fool.

I'm a fool for the ladies.


2004: All You Need [Single] reached #23 in Irish Charts
2005: Caveat Emptor [Album]
2006: Poetry And Prozak [EP]
2007: Virus Kiss [Online Single]
2008: Red To Blue [Online Single]

Set List

45 minutes to three hours. All original songs. Can perform as full on rock show or stripped-down acoustic show.