Mike Gould

Mike Gould


Mike's music is as heartfelt as it is well-crafted. Mike's rhythmic guitar and warm vocals deliver his unique story. God has brought Mike through some deep, rough water in his life and Mike's music is beautifully weathered due to the journey!


Mike Gould released his first music CD “It’s Not About Me” at the beginning of 2006. Mike’s approach is eclectic as he gently reminds us of what we love about acoustic, jazz, country, folk, pop, and even a touch of gospel music.

This Virginia based musician has attracted a diverse audience since he recorded last fall with some top notch musicians. He has David Cleveland (band leader for Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Live Adventure” Tour) on lead guitar, Mark Hill (band leader for Keith Urban) playing bass guitar, and Steve Brewster (has drummed on everyone’s CD from SCC to Faith Hill’s most recent project) playing drums to name a few. The Hammond B organ sounds, loops, and Melatron by Jason Webb also give the record a really cool vibe.

Mike reels you in with his opening track “Mystery” by singing about God (someone everybody tries to figure out) while explaining that Mike and other believers don’t have all the answers. Mike uniquely approaches the things of God and music. Mike truly does desire to “Dance [His] Own Way” as track #3 states.

The story of who Mike is embraces you as you listen to the song “Faith”. Brewster’s use of a sloppy snare drum on this track has the potential to transport you back through time to sort of think back to a similar experience in your own life. Mike’s voice has been compared to many, but it still stands out as entirely unique. Mike’s slower songs, tracks 2, 5 and 10, will captivate you; you’ll find yourself breathing more peacefully upon listening.

Mike’s CD is very thoughtful, fun, and eclectic and we sincerely hope you find the heart of the music. At least that’s Mike’s heart for you! Thanks for listening.


"It's Not About Me" Mike's new full-length CD project!

Set List

I Know
Dance My Own Way
Who My Faith Is In
Won't Let Go
One Thing
Wanderer From Grace Street
Quiet Waters

Mike also covers songs by Bebo Norman, U2, Pat Green, Coldplay, Chris Rice, John Mayer and LOVES to lead worship!