Mike Hallal Band

Mike Hallal Band

 Rumford, Maine, USA

Latest album HATCHET BLUES now at iTunes | "powerful, unvarnished blues/rock" (Blues Bytes) | "poignant...haunting" (Jango) | "Top 5" (Metronome)


"Helluva songwriter," says bluesman Jimmy D. Lane of Hallal.

"The right elements of blues and funky sensibilities keep it real" with his "gutbucket" band, says The Noise of Boston.

Their sound is "tight... smoldering... electrifying" declares Blues Bytes.

And their new live-in-studio album, Hatchet Blues, is "lyrically and sonically... a fine piece of work," judges the UK's Blues Matters!.

Have a taste.


Jim Antonellis (drums): Brother-in-arms with Hallal for some 15 years. His shuffle grooves and 4-to-the-floor stomps recall Chicago blues drummers Ted Harvey and Fred Below. Influences include Gene Krupa and Charlie Watts.

Robert DeCorte (bass, vocals): Longtime jam partner and vinyl-hunting bud of guitarist Schluntz. Wrote and sings the evocative "Last of the Great Train Robbers" on new album. Also plays with Rhode Island jam band institution, Loose Change.

Mike Hallal (guitar, vocals): Some "superb" songs, says Blues Matters! of Hallal's latest. Influences include Beatles, Rolling Stones and Robert Johnson. Hatchet Blues is the 10th full-length release featuring his songs and performance.

Chris Schluntz (lead guitar): Burns thruout the new album, helping ignite riff-heavy cuts like "Crying at the Sun" and the title track. Also authored the funk for "World's a Place". Vinyl collection includes Buddy Guy and The Black Keys.

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World's a Place

Written By: Mike Hallal

[inspired by Dreams from My Father
by Barack Obama, pp. 249-51]

Looka here, down there, tell me what we got

It's a red pool, of her young blood, on a golden mall
Outta nowhere, from the top floor, she just threw herself down
Looked like a punk girl, with the blue hair, and a big nose ring
You know the pain man, yeah the pain man, how great it's gotta be

World's a place
No matter what the race
World's a place

On her way up, to the jump down, did anybody see
Did they look at her, with her black eyes, say she's just another freak
Only 16, maybe 17, a lost white girl
Did they look away, never feel the pain, baby musta felt

Now the cops came, roped the floor off, took the body away
And a mall crew, with a mop and broom, gonna clean up her remains
Clean a red pool, of her young blood, on a golden mall

Crying at the Sun

Written By: Mike Hallal

Light hit me this morning, said Wake up son
New day is dawning, your time has come
You know your time has come
Got me playing, got me crying at the sun

Last night I'm thinking, my race is run
I've lived my life, already won
I've already won
Still I am playing, I am crying at the sun

Now baby she's got a sister, sister's in a funk
She gets to retching, till the day is done
Till the day is done
Sister's got a man, got him crying at the sun

Sometimes I wake up happy, I've had some fun
I know I'm lucky, to be loved
Lucky to be loved
But don’t mess with my lonely, with my crying at the sun

Day at the Races

Written By: Mike Hallal

I put the paycheck on Oz in the 8th
The damn horse fell down at the gate
I love you baby, you sweet little comer of mine

Saw the doctor, seemed a good bet
He said, Hey Cuz, you ain’t dead yet
I love you baby, you sweet little comer of mine

You keep it rollin’ all night long
Keep me just singin’ this song
I love you baby, I love you baby
All the stars can fall from the sky
And everyone kiss my broke ass goodbye
I love you baby, you sweet little comer of mine

Just when I’m thinkin’ this bird’s flown
You start singin’, singin’ this song
I love you baby, I don’t mean maybe
All the stars can fall from the sky
And everyone kiss my poor ass goodbye
I love you baby, you sweet little comer of mine

Hatchet Blues

Written By: Mike Hallal

You can bury the hatchet, you can bury the ax
You can bury the hatchet, but it don't change the act
You can bury the hatchet, 6 feet underground
But you know it's still, it's still there, when you're done

Now you say to forgive, to forgive is divine
You say to forget, that’s human, just a matter of mind
You say to forgive, is a gift, a gift come from God
But I say No No, it's the other way around

You can go way too far, you can cross a line
You can make up your plot and fire a shot that echoes thru time
You can bury the body in its coat, and cover it with lies
And I may forgive, but won't forget, till I die

Something's rotten in Denmark and down here in Deer Cove
Something's rotten all over and down deep in my soul
Every heart has a hole, every heart has a hole
With its own hatchet, buried deep, long ago

Levels Jam

Written By: Mike Hallal

Oh yeah, alright
Oh yeah tell me something
Tell me what you need
I know you’re gonna want me
Gonna want me, baby baby please

Say oh yeah

You know you’re gonna want me
You know you’re gonna want me
You’re gonna want me
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh yeah, alright
Go now, you know you’re gonna want me
Oh yeah, alright
Oh yeah, you know you want, you know you want me


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