Mike Heilman of Twinfinity

Mike Heilman of Twinfinity

 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Solo artist Mike Heilman is the Singer/Songwriter & Guitar Player. Easy listening Tunes with witty lyrics pleasing to all ages. Some are from the early 90's.Mpls. Scene. Undiscovered, yet some friends went National even cover of Rolling Stone. We had a sweet band '96-2000 Played the New Union !

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Minnesota Assoc.of Christian Songwriters helps artists create music – Minnesota Christian Chronicle

Half page above the fold interview about the MACS group & new CD release.
in keeping with their past tradition they typo'ed & gave my brother Mark credit

NCU magazine Spring 2009 – North Central University

Connect page 23 Alumni,1986
Michael Heilman('86) has been married for over 23 years to NCU graduate Cheryl Brazil Heilman('91). They have two adult daughters. Michael is President of the Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters.He has three albums of original Christian Contemporary Music and other published works.(www.Maxinfinity.com).

Uptown Famous Dave's hosts Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters – Minnesota Christian Chronicle

Uptown Famous Dave’s hosts Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters Showcase

by Bryan Malley


MINNEAPOLIS — Famous Dave’s BBQ & Blues at Calhoun Square has been named “Best Blues Bar” multiple times by the City Pages. The venue is best known for live blues music and tasty food offered seven days a week.
On Wednesday, April 30, from 8 to 11:30 p.m., Famous Dave’s BBQ & Blues will host a slightly different event—the second Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters Showcase. Performers at the free event will include: The Rotators, Simply Servants, Judge Bennett Blues Band, Matt Christianson and Mike Hielman.

“Christian music has a viable place in the entertainment industry locally and nationally. My hope is to show this to Famous Dave’s and their clientele through our Showcase events,” said Scott Duffy-Koltes, local Christian songwriter, member of Simply Servants, and director of the MACS Showcase. “For venues, it can be both profitable and family friendly. For us it is still ministry. We hope that the words to our songs plant seeds in hearts and open the door for God’s love to embrace the listener.”

Mike Hielman, a performer at the MACS Showcase and current president of the group, believes the world needs more Christian music.

“The people of this world are listening to some stuff that just grinds them down,” he said.

MACS exists to “encourage, educate, and equip songwriters who are called to use their gifts of music and lyrics to glorify God, edify the body of Christ, and point the way to Jesus Christ.”

Before he became a Christian, songwriter John Bennett founded the Minnesota Songwriters Association in 1979, which still exists today (as the Minnesota Association of Songwriters). Bennett became a Christian in 1985 and began writing Gospel songs.

After taking time off from attending MSA meetings, Bennett decided to bring some of his Christian songs to be critiqued by other songwriters at a local MSA meeting in 1989.

“At that meeting I heard a bunch of hopeless heartbreak songs, but I was surprised to hear someone with a soulful voice singing a Christian song—the only one that evening,” Bennett recalls.

Bennett was introduced to the songwriter, Christine Fox, and after attending a few more of the secular gatherings, the two decided it was not the best place to find support for Christian songs. Fox opened her home to a small group of Christian songwriters to gather for a time.

“I found the subject matter for writing Christian songs was very inspiring and unlimited, and it helped me to study the Bible as I did research to write each song,” Bennett said.

After that group “fizzled out,” Bennett continued to organize meetings under the newly formed Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters. Early meetings were attended by around 20 people, with more and more joining as time went on.

In 1999, MACS became a non-profit organization. The group now meets on a monthly basis to network with members and sharpen songwriting skills. Attended by all skill levels of musicians, MACS meetings feature song critiques and sharing of songwriting techniques.

There are about 50 active MACS members, with a mailing list of several hundred songwriters throughout the state.

“Our meetings are very friendly and fun to be at,” said Bennett, who currently serves as vice president of communications for MACS. “Most of the time people return again. We sometimes meet in each others’ homes for playing music together and share a meal. We have served on each others’ worship teams, have had an annual picnic in Como Park, and an annual Christmas party.”

Over the years, MACS has sponsored events at coffee houses, Northwestern Book Stores, the Crossroads Chapel at the State Fair, and many local churches. MACS members also help each other record in the studio by lending additional instrumentation or vocals.

In 2003, MACS released a compilation CD featuring 19 songs by 11 local Christian songwriters. The sales from that project are being saved to produced another compilation CD in the future.

“For another CD project, we would need more sponsors to help fund things like publicity, recording studio discounts, artwork, production of the CD, and a concert series,” Bennett said. “Over the years, I have seen God’s blessing come through over and over. It never ceases to amaze me.”

Moving forward, MACS leadership would like to reach out to younger, up-and-coming songwriters through mentoring relationships and outreach to local churches.

“We hope that music pastors will let all the songwriters in their churches, young and old, know about our monthly songwriter meetings,” Bennett said.

ACTION POINT:To learn more about the Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters, visit www.macsmn.org.

Published by Minnesota Christian Chronicle — April 2008

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Twin Cities Christian Community Fair – Minnesota Christian Chronicle

3 Pages including Advertisement
, Placement of Booth on layout of the Rivercentre Floorplan, list of Participants on the Main Stage Saturday November 14th 10 AM - 10:45 AM