Mike Hirst

Mike Hirst


Mike Hirst is an artist with a truly soul-reaching acoustic sound. His one purpose is to bring hope to the hopeless, strength to the weary, and love to the broken-hearted.


...His music is a story of peril and faith... of trial and perseverance.. of heartbreak and love... To chase a childhood dream... to chase a girl... to fall in love... to fall to pieces.

...To feel wanted... to be lonely... to be joyous... to feel hopeless...

...Its a story of beauty and disaster... of expectations and letdowns... of achievements and failures... To live outside the lines... to believe what cannot be seen... to trust the Unfailing... to fail to trust.

...Learning to let go... finding you don't belong... being broken... being restored...

...Finally, its a call to repentence... a cry for redemption... and a letter from the One who's seen it all... who's calling you Home.



Written By: Mike Hirst

I wake up and I'm the victim of everything I've done,
And all I seem to be.
But surely I am not complacent of what I have become.
So to your arms I run.

You built me to fly, but so often I fall,
Some days I feel the world's on my shoulders
But that's not right.

Everyday you remind me that I'm your masterpiece and tell me
Why I don't belong.
Oh this world is not my home, I don't fit in, but I am not alone,
I am not alone.

I often dream of second chances to change what I've done wrong,
Take back what I've done.
I sometimes get some funny glances, when they see me sing
About a God they cannot see (the Holy One...)

Taking the way/road home from nowhere,
And find that in your arms.
You are everything I've needed,
You're right where I belong.
And I will let your mercies guide me,
Even when all hope seems gone.
In my weakness you remind me
That you are God.

I am not alone, (Oh this world is not my home)
I am not alone...
no I am not alone, (I am not)
I am not alone.

Perfect Day (The Driving Song)

Written By: Mike Hirst

Cruisin' with the top down, driving all around town, flying with baby all day till its sun-down.
Making a wish on a perfect day, baby keeps smiling in her perfect way.
So I'm sunburn what's the problem? Had a lot of worries but I just forget em'.
Don't you love riding? Heck I love driving. Shift it into sixth and start flying.

The perfect day... to fly away from here,
Just me and the pavement... but all I gotta do is steer.

Sippin' on a water, flippin' on the starter, baby its hot, its gonna get a lot hotter.
But its okay cuz I've got the keys. Close your eyes, just relax in the breeze.
Leave my tires on the pavement, I've got a nickel but I just might save it.
Cruise into the sunset, kick the seat back, perfect day, and I love it.

And they'll say, "Where are you going?" I'll let you know when I get there.
And all that's worth knowing is I don't know, and I don't care.
I'd take the fast lane, cause its the short way, but what's the use?
I have got all the time in the world to lose.

Driving with a zoom, zoom, music to the boom, boom, smile at me, baby I love you!
Thanking my God for the perfect girl, making it seem like the perfect world.
So I'm riding now on empty, had a nickel but its now five pennies.
And a lincoln for a gallon will fill my car and I'll drive all night long.

Hard To Believe (Who Will Go?)

Written By: Mike Hirst

I can't believe they could look upon the ocean, and the beauty of the stars,
Yet in the midst of the commotion, they forget who made it all.
So I found it fit for me to remind them, there's a God who defines them.
But if we are a mistake, why can I feel your hearts break?

Its hard to believe, when I think about it now,
My excuses all run out, I see them try to fill their emptiness.
Its hard to believe, there's a billion broken places,
And I see all the hopeless faces, how they missed the God who loves them,
Its hard to beleive.

I can't believe that God would die for man, to save them from their sin,
And rise again to find some would say He never lived.
But I found it fit for me to remind them, the enemy blinds them.
So if Jesus never died, how do you explain changed lives?

I'm fighting this, these lies, I'll push them back,
If there's no God, then suicide, my generation's under attack.
Where's the church? Where's His armored army of one?
Cuz the battle's just begun.
If billions still don't know, who of faith will choose to go?

Its hard to believe...
It's hard to believe, they missed the God who loves them.
If billions still don't know, who of faith will choose to go?


Written By: Mike Hirst

The world could pass me by and my dreams all fade and die,
Watch the people I love turn their backs on me, could I turn the cheek?
I've gotta hold your hand, I fall then stand to fall again,
So I need you, then I see you and your plans to make me a man.

So its okay if you call me on the seas, excuse my feeble knees,
I just need to believe that you are perfect and this is all perfectly planned, Its in your hands.
And its okay, cuz the clouds will fade away, and the sun will shine again,
Still I praise your name, you are faithful when I'm faithless,
Inasmuch, I will smile cuz I'm loved.

You turned my life around, melt my idols into crowns,
That I cast down as I fall down at your feet, I believe.
And when you seem so far, I look beneath me, there you are,
As you carry me and hold me in your arms where I belong.

And the storms are all around, the crashing waves, I'll sink and drown,
And you look me in the eyes and ask me, "Why oh you of little faith?"
And I'm finding I need you, and I'm needing to believe you,
Still you save my life.

I'll smile cuz I'm loved,
And I'll smile cuz I'm loved forever, your greatest treasure,
Oh... I'll smile cuz I'm loved.

Beautiful Love

Written By: Mike Hirst

I watch the sun set on today,
Life will never be the same.
How beautiful the winds of change
In this hurricane of tears and pain,
But still I trust...

I'll wash up on the shores, my life restored
At the dawn of grace.
I will find You rescued me, at sunset see
The colors of Your beautiful love.

A reddish-gold and blue sundown,
You're there to watch my world fall down.
Distant I can hear the sound of storms so near
My heart they'd sear
But I had faith...

The loneliness of the dark, but I still see You,
You take my world apart, but I still believe.
Every work that You start, You will complete in me.
Faith will see.
But I'm scared You'll leave me...

But I'll wash up on the shores, my life restored
At the dawn of grace.
I will find You rescued me, at sunset see
The colors of Your beautiful love.
The colors of the setting sun,
The colors of Your beautiful love.


"Who Will Go" 2006 Play*On Records
"Up In Glory" 2005 Play*On Records

Set List

Set lists vary, but usually include:

Perfect Day (The Driving Song)
Hard To Believe
Good Enough For Me
One Step Down
Beautiful Love
Beside Still Waters
Lost In Wonder
Falling In Love
Where I Belong
Lonely Road

and many more...