Mike Horn

Mike Horn


Soulful acoustic folk with a lemon twist of alternative.


An artist is defined by his ability to move an audience - to suck you in from the first note they sing and hold you there until the very last. Mike Horn is not your traditional solo artist. He is a singer/songwriter who shows real passion and versatility in every song his sings. What separates Mike Horn from the rest? He can move mountains with his music one song at a time.

Horn has come a long way from his days playing solo acoustic shows in New York City and during his days as a student at the University of Connecticut. His first big break came from an LP he recorded at the Onyx Soundlabs in February 2007. Horn’s abilities as the main solo attraction on campus ultimately led to an album that was financially backed by the Student Government. Days and nights slaving in rehearsal spaces and in the studio helped jumpstart Horn’s indie career in the underground limelight. Now with his band, The Instant Classic, Horn has finally found a group of musicians that fit his style of writing more than ever to take him to that next level he’s been itching for.

There is no secret formula to Mike Horn’s success. His Jeff Buckley-esque falsetto to go along with soulful guitar strumming leaves the music fan wanting more. There is a passion and starvation for success that Horn portrays in every single song that is written; a quality-over-quanity mindset. He is the definition of a true artist who writes songs that really reach out and move the listeners. His unique songwriting style is the key element to his success giving him the ability to not just be another notch under the music industry belt.


With current band, The Instant Classic:

Newkirk EP - Released 6/09

Set List

Come Around
A Part of Me (or Gone)
Same Old
Not Enough
Come Down
Up to You
Need to Wonder
Out in the Open
Beautiful Overload
Time Stolen
In Store
Don't Let The Words Leave This Room
Anthem for a Lost Soul
Catch the Signs
Should've Been Looking for Love