Mike June

Mike June

 Austin, Texas, USA

"Mike June has an iron spine and is unafraid enough to mix tricky realism and genuine outrage in his songs." - Jon Langford, artist and songwriter

"The last real folksinger", Exmoor Times

"Name one artist writing more relevant songs about what is going on this world; go on, I'll wait. Right. You CAN'T, can you? Told you. Mike June is all heart, surrounded by a Jersey flavored candy-coating." - Jon Dee Graham, singer, son


Mike June is a singer and songwriter from Austin, TX. Born and raised in New Jersey,in the shadows of New York City, June writes songs about the complexities of modern life with a frank, earnest style befitting a man raised ten miles from the George Washington Bridge. June's grandfather, Vernon, was a country singer in the 40's and 50's, making a name for himself locally by performing the songs of Hank Williams at the weekly Bear Mountain square-dance. Naturally, Mike grew up in a house filled with the sounds of Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen while the local oldies station taught him about the British Invasion, Motown and '50's do-wop. June carried a Kiss lunchbox in grade school and spent his allowance on AC/DC and Rush cassettes. He got his first electric guitar at 13 and began to write songs.
After spending several years singing with bar band Wide Load Joad, June formed Mike June & The Dirty Doves in 2002 and released his first album, CROOKED at the age of 27. Altcountrytab.com gave the record five stars and called it “40 minutes of music without a wasted beat” and said June “played with pure heart.” The Newark Star Ledger praised the band's “uninhibited swagger” and said “the perfectly named Dirty Doves played with grace and grit,” in it's shining 4-star review.
While the band's evolution was slowed by lineup changes, June and guitarist Jay Forsythe began writing and experimenting with new directions and in 2007 released “LOVESICK”. Although it was a darker, moodier effort, the record was received warmly by both critics and fans. Blowup Radio called it “simply a great album,” and the band drew comparisons to both Dylan and Springsteen. Later that year Mike June & The Dirty Doves garnered four Asbury Music Award nominations for “Lovesick”,including a nod for “Fighting The War” for Song of the Year. “Lovesick” ended up on many critics end of the year “best of” lists, including ones in Japan and Belgium and was praised as one of the best locally released records of the decade.
In 2008,June disbanded the Dirty Doves and relocated to Austin, TX. While spending three years in “self-imposed exile”, June continued to write prolifically and in 2011 entered the studio and recorded EXILE ON WILSON STREET. After the release of EXILE ON WILSON STREET, June entered the studio and recorded the politically-charged TALKIN REVOLUTION BLUES. Both records were named to several "Best of 2012" lists. Since the release of both records, June has toured tirelessly as a solo artist, logging in over 400 shows in the US, Canada and the UK and has earned the hard-fought reputation as one of America's best songwriters and performers. The Exmoor Times has hailed him as "the last true folk singer." 


Crooked (LP) 2002
Lovesick (LP) 2007
Exile on Wilson Street (LP) 2012
Talkin' Revolution Blues (LP) 2012