Mike Kees

Mike Kees

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopPop

Mike Kees looks calm on the outside but his music expresses an urgency to speak to the world. After producing and writing for the Louisiana and Texas underground compilation "I-10 Connection" on Versatyle Entertainment he would soon be considered the best hope for Louisiana.


Mike Kees is a true hustler. He started rapping at the age of 11 and ever since hearing his first Geto Boys Cassette he has been trying to prove a point through his music. A 7th grade dropout turned C.E.O started Street Bull Records inc with money from college; believe it or not. Once a statistic, Kees decided he didn't want to sell crack or be broke no more so he got his G.E.D and with a 7th grade education entered into the University Of Louisiana at Lafayette Electrical Engineering program. He started to funnel student loans and grants back into the creation of Street Bull Records inc. A label he formed in 2008. Already in the works Mike Kees is gearing up for a 30 city college tour. Staying true to his party boy swagger he plans to call the tour "The Girls Go Wild College Tour." Hoping to hit 30 city's in a year ending it in South Beach Florida and starting at his home school of UL Lafayette.


[I-10 Connection] 1999 Versatyle Entertainment, inc./PCP inc./LafTex Records inc.
[I-10 Connection Screwed] 1999 Versatyle Entertainment inc./PCP inc./LafTex Records inc.
[Hurricanes Mixtapes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8] 2001-2006 PCP inc.
[Come Through (single)] 2008 Street Bull Records inc.
[Do A Split(single)] 2008 Street Bull Records inc.
[Stacks On Deck(single)] 2010 Street Bull Records inc.
[Dream Come True (full album)] 2010 Street Bull Records inc./KMD

Set List

1. Stacks On Deck
2. Can't fuck wit me
3.Stunnas on
5. Come through
Extended Stet List available upon request