Mike Krum

Mike Krum


Krum brings back the infectious, energetic and credible alternative pop rock that has been missing from the current musical landscape. While evoking comparisons to Vedder or Cornell, Krum's crooning vocals and tempered songs would also make one of Krum's major influences, Jeff Buckley, proud.


During his formative years, self-taught songwriter/musician Mike Krum listened to music more than he played it. But with the radio dial locked on 92.7 WLIR for most of his youth, the fire within was sparked by the likes of The Police, The Bogmen, The Ramones (as well as just about everything else out of the East Village in the 70's and 80's). Despite his growing passion, bred from the working class, he always thought of music as more of a hobby than a profession, and paid the bills with a variety of jobs, including salesman, plumber and 8th grade English teacher. But that mentality changed in an instant at a Counting Crows show at the Wetlands in 1994. Feeling somewhat mesmerized having just witnessed the band in a photo shoot in the venue's basement lounge, he was heading upstairs when he heard one of the most captivating voices he had ever heard in his life – there on stage in a white v-neck tee stood Jeff Buckley, crooning what the world would come to know as the song "Grace." Right then, Mike knew he was going to write and play music with the intention of being heard.

Within two weeks, he bought his first guitar and taught himself (by ear!) the Nirvana Unplugged album from beginning to end. Drawing from his vast and unique life experiences, Mike was writing songs faster than he could write them down. But the difficulty came when he tried to assemble a band. Diving in head first, Mike brought together a group of players to live under the same roof in Long Beach, NY, but that chemistry yielded two years of frustration, culminating in a single show and a break-up. Soured by all the material used, he wrote a new crop of songs for another band, which again met with discord and never even saw an audience. Craving the stage and music, Mike abandoned the band idea, and began playing acoustic covers in various Long Island clubs. The live experience was valuable, and Mike developed quite a loyal following practically without intention, but his creative desires could not be stifled, and the cover songs quickly wore thin.

Then, one day in early 2006, his cousin and music producer / guitarist Dave Chiappetta listened to Mike's repertoire for the first time, and insisted that the two immediately assemble a band and attempt to take Mike's music to the world. In that moment, Mike's heart was back at the Wetlands, and he eagerly accepted Dave's invitation. The two locked themselves in an apartment with the goal of culling an album of material from Mike's catalogue, which had grown to more than 100 songs. But when they emerged one year later, only one song had survived their brainstorm (Sunday Morning), and Mike had written what he considers to be his most accomplished set of music to date – a group of songs that sublimely capture the rekindling of his musical passion and his rebirth to what he believes to be the other side of his life.

In March 2007, Mike took the rock stage for what really amounts to his first time - and it was everything he dreamed it would be. Creative juices flowing and rock and roll scorching through his veins, Mike has no intention of ever looking back. And on September 12, 2007 Mike Krum released his first self-titled independent EP at The Canal Room in NYC, 5 blocks away from the site of the now-closed Wetlands - where music became his reality.



Written By: Mike Krum

You remind me of a time when

I was jumpin on my bed

Falling through your ceiling

And landing in your living room

Had I known wed meet that way

Id worn a cleaner shirt

And how I found you there

Could we meet again

Maybe in the summertime

Boarded vessel in the winter

He learned to live his life awake

All the planets had their hearts break

When he learned to read the stars

Cause he knows theyll meet again

From all the letters sent

If shes waiting on the dock

Will she save the sailors heart

Maybe in the summertime

Will she save him

Maybe in the summertime

Maybe in the summertime

Will she save him

maybe in the summertime

to breathe the air

to breathe the air tonight

will she save him

maybe in the summertime

I Have

Written By: Mike Krum

I Have

Baby, baby, baby

I haven't seen you in days

Since the last explosion

When I left there crying in vane

Have I crossed your thoughts 4X

Baby, baby I love you

Wildly tired and thinking

Trying to sound out your name

Time away has shown me

And given me focus today

Bite the tongue that cut me

Stare at the scars that I made

Feeling the fire but I'm freezing

Say you'll never haunt me again

You stay the same

You don't need to change

But baby I have, I have

I have

I have

I Didn't Mind

Written By: Mike Krum

and i didn't mind
a word with you,
and i didn't mind this time i spent with you,
it's water,
it's under the bridge,
and i'd been fighting the best of it.

and i didn't mind the way you made me want to want to want you,
and i didn't think that a wall would have,
a mind of it's own,
but i know...
one thing for sure.

you are the wandering, wandering,
who wanders away from everything good,
i never lost, touch of your warmth

and i didn't mind, the time to understand it,
holding everything, closer, than most lovers do,
pick up a knife, and pick up a sword
and swallow your own complex-ities
aye, you're a grown man
yea, you're a grown man

heaven knows, where to go
but i, i won't cut my nose off
bite it off, bite it off

yea, i didn't mind, the feeling i wander into, all the time
it's far too oft a feeling, familiar to me

and i didn't mind, the focus i gave to it all
the strength of it all, is one, won't forget
slowly amazed, and out of sight
in a boat of hand offs and my wants

hey i waited and waited,
i waited for love to shine,
hoping my eyes would open,
the white eyes would open,
my eyes to something new.

holding it tight,
its underestimated,
it's of life,
but why won't the life of me, understand that
its whats happening to me.

Do You Mind Me Asking

Written By: Mike Krum

do you mind me asking?
i think i could soothe
the mixed up mind you've got
working for you,
placing your faith in your money
so you can improve.

you've got 30 things but you're paying up on 4,
now you can see why you're doing your chores,
cause you pay and you pay and you pay
for the things that you own,
and they're making you smile less
they're making you weathered and old.

we grew up on the same block, don't think i don't know who you are,
well here comes you're mother and father and here's what they say:
"my boy's doing alright but we think that he's going insane".

play out you're options although you may lose,
light a fire and burn all the clues,
so no one will know what you did or can tell what you do,
you've given too much with your hands in the air,
always complaining that shit isn't fair,
but you're playing a game where the lines are drawn up on the fly,
and the words that you say aren't you ,
they're from some other guy!


Do You Mind Me Asking -- Music Video, Single and Part of EP
I Have -- Single and Part of EP
I Didn't Mind -- Single and Part of EP
Summertime -- Single and Part of EP
Sunday Morning--Single and Part of EP

Set List

Do you Mind me Asking
I have
The Reason
Funny How the Tide Turns
Mexican Hercules
Lost your way
Innocent way
Sunday Morning
I Didn't Mind

Set is 45 minutes long.