Mike Laury

Mike Laury

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Mike Laury's music combines hot, original, sample-free beats with smart lyrics to tell the story of how his life in small town America got wickedly off-track. From his drug use to liasons with scandalous women, he tells how it all came crashing down with an unusual penchant for clever phrasing.


Mike Laury grew up in the small town of Jamestown, NY. Boredom took its toll in devilish ways and before he knew it Mike was on a dangerous path of crime, drugs and scandalous womanizing. When he discovered his unusual gift for writing Mike decided he had only one way out - music. He put his pen to the pad and "set the paper ablaze" with fresh and clever phrasing that exhibits his unusual talent and love for the craft of writing. In 2008, he linked up with producer and longtime friend Billy Evans. Together they began working on Mike's debut tracks and the music came together like magic - the way it is supposed to. In the Summer of '08 Mike began performing in his hometown to an overwhelmingly positive crowd response. His exceptional delivery, fresh sound and real life story hits home with many people and is causing them to tell friends and spread the news of Mike Laury on a grassroots level.


Demo - 2008

Set List

Broken Tracks
Ya Never Know
One Mike
Behind Closed Doors
I Want You So Badly
Settle The Score