Mike Levy

Mike Levy


A funky bassist who combines R&B, funk, soul and Brazilian music to make a collection of "soul jazz" originals and covers. Songs come from Aretha and Ray, as well as known and esoteric Brazilian composers and from the bassist, himself. The sound is grittier than smooth jazz but very listenable.


In a nutshell...
Mike has a career that spans the world of music production. Mike is an accomplished bassist (acoustic and electric), pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and drummer. Mike is equally as skilled and comfortable on the other side of the mixer. In the studio, Mike has been responsible for numerous projects ranging from producing rock and pop albums to composing music for film and television.

A professional musician
since the age of 15. Mike attended the University of South Florida and Berklee College of Music before leaving to tour with the Maynard Ferguson Big Bop Nouveau Band. He landed in NYC city after that where he spent his time playing with various funk, R&B, jazz, and folk artists.

Heading west...
Mike now lives in beautiful Tucson, AZ with his wife, Theresa, and his son, Lorenzo and daughter, Daniela. He continues to collaborate with artists across the country as well as operating his recording studio, 11:11 Studios.


Amore Mio, Sole Mio

Written By: Michael Levy

N/A - instrumental


Mike Levy - Squeaky Wheels
The LaLa - Big Easy Pieces

numerous credits as bassist, engineer, and producer