Mike Lombardo

Mike Lombardo


Groovy, energetic piano rock - think Ben Folds meets Harry Chapin meets Elton John... coupled with fascinatingly original 'story songs' and some screaming rock improv. Guaranteed to impress solo or with a three-piece band.


Playing piano since the ripe old age of two, Mike has constantly pushed the boundaries of the piano's role in rock music. As he grew, it also became a storytelling tool. Now he presents a unique blend of original songwriting and killer grooves. Known for his funky bass lines and blistering rock improv, he has performed/recorded with/opened for acts such as Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, the Yellowjackets, Leroy Jones, the Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem Alumni Ensemble, and Amanda Shaw, to name a few.


This Time Tomorrow

Written By: Mike Lombardo

This Time Tomorrow

I got an office with my name on the door

my .38 Special, my most loyal friend

I got the Polaroids spread out on the floor

with a half-empty bottle of Johnny Red

In walked trouble, wearin' six inch heels

She was smooth as silk and sharp as a bayonet

She pulled back a chair, and her cinnamon hair

and she smiled as she lit up a cigarette

She said hey mister, you're a hard man to find

i said, you got a chair, but can i get you some wine

she said no, just your time, cause

I tried so hard and it's been so long

but I'm not one for pickin' up and movin' on,

if worse comes to worst, I'll be gone

by this time tomorrow

We went back to her apartment under blankets of rain

and now she's tuggin' at my collar and she's pourin' champagne

she's leavin' lipstick kisses on the side of my neck

and she pulls me by the necktie to the edge of the bed

she said hey mister, I've been dreamin' this for years,

I been chasin' it with whiskey and drownin' my tears

but now you're right here

I tried so hard but it's been so long

But I'm not one for pickin' up and movin' on

if worse comes to worst, I'll be gone

by this time tomorrow

Well i woke up in the morning with a fire in my head

and she was sleepin like a baby so i left her in bed

cause she's spent way too many night just stumblin' around

or slumped over in the corner with her head on the ground

I check the mirror as I put on my coat,

you see, I knew i had to leave her cause I knew she couldn't cope

but I left her a note

that said I Tried so hard but it's been too long

and now's the time for pickin' up and movin' on

I'm sorry, but I'll be long gone

by this time tomorrow

by this time tomorrow

this time tomorrow


With a full-length album of his originals due out in Mid-2009, Mike wrote all the material for 2 releases by Rome NY alternative rock band Breaking Over Nothing - Pictures of You LP and the Four Way Stop EP.

Set List

Set lists are constantly morphing to include new material and are also tailored to the venue and nature of the performance. Set types can range from Ben Folds Arena-Rock style to open-mic coffee house acoustic style and everything in between.
Covers include Elton John, Billy Joel, the gamut of Ben Folds material (delivered very convincingly) as well as a wealth of 90's alt rock.