Mike Love

Mike Love


Mike love is the truth. His revolutionary conscious lyrics, soulful vocals and complex compositions have earned the respect of acclaimed musicians like Usher, Jack Johnson, and Dave Matthews. Following the release of his debut album, Love held the #3 spot on iTunes Top 10 US Reggae Album sales.


"Mike Love is a true artist... who uses ingenuity to create organic, multi-Layered, Live, Acoustic Reggae Soul Folk."
~ Usher Raymond IV

"Mike Love is one of the most talented musicians I've ever played with!"
~ Jack Johnson

Mike Love in a live setting elicits common reactions that typically revolve around terms like “powerful” & “goosebumps.” Combining elements of traditional Hawaiian music, the message, Mike’s masterful guitar playing and looping & the low end organic push of Sam Ites’ percussion, the group has made instant and life long fans out of anyone who has been fortunate enough to catch them live off of the islands. Now, in 2013, they are bringing their soul-enriching music to the masses—-with numerous US festivals on the books, plus plans for European and South American releases and tours.

Over the past few years his fan base has grown immensely, gaining the attention and support of music lovers and musicians, around the world. "I feel that my fans have driven me to work harder than ever, musically. I have crafted a live show that continuously draws in new fans and keeps the old ones coming back again and again."


Mike Love - The Change I'm Seeking (LP, 2012)
Dubkonscious - At the Foot of the Mountain (LP, 2010)
Dubkonscious - Dub the Foot of the Mountain (LP, 2011)