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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




""What’s Good in the Music Scene?... MikelParis ((keys and such with) O.A.R.)"

"...thanks for speaking with us today about playing with O.A.R. as well as your solo project. Good luck on the road this summer and we look forward to seeing you out there! " - Creative Solutions Music Promotions

"Rainmaker Artists"

"...I listened to his CD and was taken aback by his musicianship and a guitar playing style that is nothing less than magnificent. Tasteful, rhythmic, passionate and inventive are all adjectives that come to mind to describe Mikel's style of playing." - Randy Miller of Rainmaker Artists

"MikelParis in Keyboard magazine"

"Musical multi-tasker MikelParis anchors the exuberant rock of O.A.R." - Keyboard magazine


"...I listened to his CD and was taken aback by his musicianship and a guitar playing style that is nothing less than magnificent. Tasteful, rhythmic, passionate and inventive are all adjectives that come to mind to describe MikelParis's style of playing. MP, quite simply, is creating art that no other guitar player has dared to approached." - Randy Miller of Rainmaker Artists

"talented artist"

MikelParis offers up tracks of high-energy rock. I like his approach and style to every song; he knows how to get across a lyric and play that guitar (with drumming) and change the flow and atmosphere of a song in a moments notice.

“Move It” is a quick display of the artistry of guitar/drumming, it’s a short but effective jaunt that leaves you hanging on, wanting for more. “Fortunately” and “Flow” are equally effective numbers then he plays a Dylanesque tune called “Change It,” giving you yet another facet of his repertoire to digest. Paris manages to give you a good sample of his many talents.

I really like the sound of MikelParis and I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist soon. I have feeling there is a lot more great music to come from his corner of the world.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com

- Keith Hannaleck


MikelParis has stepped up and introduced a brand new method of playing guitar that he calls “Guitar Drumming.” This innovative styling moves what might otherwise be classified as pop music into more progressive territory, challenging guitar players everywhere to stretch their creativity.

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The Ka-Bar Song


B Good 2 Me

Days Like These

Eh Beh Bah Booh

Never Grow Old



MikelParis is a professional musician with more than 27 years’ experience, creating and

performing with artists such as P!nk, Train, Stomp, The Dan Band, and Jewel, including

17 years of extensive touring and recording with the American rock band, O.A.R. To

showcase his musical style, MP created a performance method called GuitarDrumming,

which uses an acoustic guitar for both percussion and string accompaniment to his


In 2007, MP recorded, produced, and released his first album, Flow. In 2013, he

recorded, produced, and released his second album, HiHowAreYa, Vol.1. Beginning in

March of 2022, MP started releasing new songs on a regular cadence leading up to three albums to be released in 2023. 

Maximizing his creativity and artistry, he created and produced his history through music

documentary series, TuneTrek, filming more than 60 episodes in locations across the

United States with seven episodes airing on two PBS stations.

In March 2020, with touring on hiatus due to the global pandemic, MP saw an

opportunity to continue bringing music to his fans, in a new format and delivery method.

He launched A Song A Day (ASAD), initially via Facebook Live and then expanding to

include simultaneous YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter streams. MP executed all tasks

necessary for a successful stream ranging from planning and technical setup, editing

green screen content to hosting and performing original and cover songs.

In July 2021, MP joined the production staff of Violet Hour Media’s horror podcast, Red

Riding Hoods, composing the original score, recording foley, and editing 10 podcast


In December 2021, the A Song A Day livestream was retired and was rebranded as

Music. Drink. Stories. (MuDriS), and after 60 episodes is still going strong.

And then in February of 2022, MP created his production company Zornu Productions

Inc as a place for all of his creations to live. ZP Inc is currently in pre-production for

numerous projects including MikelParis HIHOWAREYA Vol 1 Remastered/Bonus Ten

Year anniversary edition, MikelParis Snidbits Album release, and season 1 of TuneTrek.