Mike Luce and his Country Chords

Mike Luce and his Country Chords


Mike Luce and his Country Chords strive to combine the traditional elements of country music with a cosmic edge. Drawing his inspiration from Hank Williams through to Wilco, songwriter Mike Luce challenges the boundaries of the genre by bleeding in Psychedelic, Soul and Rock influences


Mike Luce and his Country Chords strive to expand the boundaries of country music. While the traditional elements of the genre serve as the basic structure for each song, Mike Luce enjoys bleeding a variety of influences from Rock, Soul, Funk and Psychedelic into the mix. Respecting artists and bands such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Neil Young, Wilco and The Sadies who have all pushed the limits of the genre to new extremes, Mike Luce believes that it is more important then ever to challenge the hegemony of mainstream country music.


If I Go with Rock and Roll ep (2003)

Single: If I Go with Rock and Roll

Frankenstein (2004)

Broad Gauge Chords (2007)

Ear Shot Chart position #4, may 5th 2007- CJSR Edmonton Alberta.

Single: "No Trickle Down."
Narcissist Personality Inventory (2009)

Single: "I Never Cry Wolfe"

his Country Chords (2010)

Single "The Whole Night Through"

My music is streamed on myspace and CBC radio 3. My music is also played on various college radio stations across Western and Central Canada.

Set List

I am able to draw material from a total of three 40-minute sets on any given night. While the bulk of my set is dedicated to my own songs I may include one or two covers out a batch of 13 songs.

Examples of well known songs from my current set lists include:

"Early Morning Rain" by Gordon Lightfoot
"Tell Me Why" by Neil Young
"You Ain't going Nowhere" by Bob Dylan