Mike Luno Band

Mike Luno Band

 Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, CAN

Sting meets Chili Peppers or Maroon 5 jams Rush funkily, with Leonard Cohen helping with lyrics - that's our "Ball Park". 3-Piece dynamic guitar trio with catchy intensity and unrepentant musicianship


Mike Luno Band is a guitar-bass-drums-vocals 3-piece rock act based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The music has liberal elements of funk and fusion with overtones of reggae and prog occasionally sneaking in. While the music might have you tapping your toes or dancing around your living room, the lyrics have no throwaway, no filler, and at times no mercy - colourful observations on the contradictions, conundrums, frustrations and self-defeat of human behaviour. What's your poison now? The Mike Luno Band is here to describe it with a smile and a groove. MLB believes in giving every audience its money's worth, and a live performance has the energy and musical duties for twice the number of musicians in the band. This, in fact, is their reason for being - from an appetite for music with powerful, unapologetic musicianship, groove with fire, thought-provoking lyrics and compositions made to stand the test of time, they aspire to be the band they would want to see and hear themselves.
Founding members Curtis Leippi (drums) and Mike Luno (vocals, guitar) formed their band fifteen years ago on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with the express purpose of musically pleasing themselves first. With a handful of Mike's original tunes and a grab-bag of cover songs ranging from Paul Simon to the Screaming Headless Torsos, Joe Tex to Dave Matthews, Crowded House to Led Zeppelin, the band was happily surprised to find that such a repertoire could actually attract a local audience. In various incarnations (calling themselves 'Victoria Secret' after their hometown, and later 'Devil You Don't' before settling on Mike Luno Band) and with intermittent changes in personnel, MLB enjoyed some small local notoriety, enjoying nominations and a win at the annual Island Music Awards.
The band eventually relocated to Vancouver (the city, not the island...it can be confusing for non-locals) in Summer 2010 and recruited bassist/vocalist extraordinaire Trevor Andres. They have since gigged frequently in Vancouver and are on the brink of releasing a 12-song CD entitled 'Get Inside'.


Get Inside

Written By: Mike Luno

I can taste it on the underside
Fall beneath, between behind
Nothing else can cross my mind
Find a way to get inside
I can lighten my load but not unwind
the torture victim of all I've spied
Loving it rough but not contrived
That's how I plan to get inside
Of everything that stings and burns
She always wins but never learns
All-knowing what I came here for
But she plays dumb and still wants more
Just let it ride, fratricide
when I'm tired there's suicide
That'll be the day I die inside
It's the drug to heaven so impossibly dear
The object of lust you could never get near
The key to the gate 'round your mansion on high
It's revenge and redemption, it's a trick of the light
(or so you theorize)
Wrong destination, wrong road, wrong ride
(verse 2:)
I'm a man of peace but beast of pride
Even Christ was thrice denied
Peter and I proudly lied
'I couldn't care less if I get inside.'
I'm hot and cold at the strangest times
My hijacked head spins on a dime
No matter what I can't decide
It comes back to dreaming that I get inside
Smells so good I've gotta track it
Without a clue of how to attack it
It's beyond my powers to bend her
Safer now to hump my fender
the nation's at an awkward age
the universe is mostly beige
Lights so hot, I froze onstage
Forgot to say
Do you ever wonder why the harder you try
to put your finger on that sweet spot
it's not quite there
But if you let it slide and subside
You can open up your over-cooled heart
to that invisible sun
Do you ever find you're unsatisfied
possessing everything you sold your soul to have?
It's not an isolated incident, no fluke, no trick
no plastic satisfaction
Release, fall back, let go of your

Caesar's Palace

Written By: Mike Luno

(verse 1:)
It's easy livin' - we need a villain
We've got this sack of knives - let's make a killing
Become your mother - go back to the gutter
Jesus and George Washington may live but not recover
Isn't this backward, baby?
How did we twist this right around?
They're untouchable in Caesar's palace
Royalty know how to handle crowds
(alt: Royalty don't like me hangin' 'round)
They say get back
(verse 2:)
It's easy comin' - we don't mind slummin'
I'm sure it's temporary - happy days will soon come runnin'
A fair fight's for losers - not boulevard cruisers
Absolute power's breeding absolute users
(verse 3:)
Toys from heaven, tits after eleven
If we stay entertained we won't need forgivin'
Where you goin', baby? How could you blame me
Maybe it got ugly but I always thought you'd save me

Heart Beat Up

Written By: Mike Luno

She's got places to be
Time is money, time is sanity
And it's too tight to mention, too scarce to see
I walked away without a scratch on me
Walked away damned near invisibly
She likes remote control
She played with me until I wouldn't roll
And she pressed every button she could possibly find
Suffered the nightmare that I might not mind
Suffered the shock of a poetic kind
I could have begged, I could have cried
If not for the last stubborn ounce of my pride
Now her collection has one empty space
Got my heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face
(verse 2:)
The moon turns tides and flows
Money pulls, beauty draws, power grows
Handful of diamonds or just frozen tears
Her conscience was always the least of my fears
This widow's daughter is wise beyond her years
How she loves parades - riding by in her casual display
And it doesn't matter which street I walk
Her cavalcade is comin' round the block
Her smile rolls by, smooth as a rock
(verse 3:)
In this contagious state
Nobody fights fire with a fire escape
But I've been here before and I know how it ends
Sometimes it's better to break than to bend
Sometimes you need a kick in the ass to transcend
Heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face

Part-Time Panacea

Written By: Mike Luno

(verse 1:)
I took my number to wait outside her door
Sat so quietly - I saw no one come or go
But I was there all day
Overhead, over and over
Tired easy listening, Peggy Sue got married
(chorus 1:)
Won't you come out to play
the way you used to
You know you light my day
even if you don't mean to
Maybe you'll come 'round
'cause you're my part-time panacea high
My high
(verse 2:)
Somebody turned the music down -
I never did see who
My nerves fed on me
with must my heart to listen to
I tried to keep composure
From behind her door -
The even voice of one who knows her
(chorus 2:)
Won't you come out to play?
'Cause you electrify me
You know you light my day
How can you deny me?
Watching the doorknob turn
Here comes my part-time panacea high
Then her beauty hits me right between the eyes
'Though she wears no smile or surprise
Obviously only I'm addicted for the moment
But we relax as she gives in
Because I've come to take my medicine
Won't you come out to play
Won't you come out


as 'Devil You Don't'
"...Better the Devil You Know" (2003)
"Get Inside" (2011)
Material from both albums is available for listening or purchase at www.mikelunoband.com

Set List

varies to suit the audience and musicians