Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch


Roots/Country music. Tons of fun and energy!! Presented in a theatre type show, with a hilarious opening video..


In 2004 I travelled/toured the country in my
old 91' Safari Van, equipped with a bed, hibachi, 2 guitars, a sound system, and gigs booked!!
This tour took me all the way to the Yukon...On this album I recorded songs reflecting the stories of my travels on the road.
Songs like "Highway of Dreams" "Ain't Thinkin' Bout You", "Dawson City Blues", and of course the title track, "MJL was here". A song about a guy who carves his name on a park bench and... Well you'll have to listen to find out the rest.


Mike Lynchs' MJL was here, is his 4th recorded CD and you can listen to most of the tracks on the web site at , lynchmusic.ca.

Click on 'music'.

Set List

It's an opening video which is 5 minutes long.
First set, "Songs and Stories from the road"
35 minutes (appr.)
2nd set, "Small towns and big dreams" which includes some of my favourite cover songs to play.