Mike MacDonald and The Widow Makers

Mike MacDonald and The Widow Makers


Americana/Alt Country. Influences: Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelsen, Wilco.


Inlfuences ranging from classic artists such as Johnny Cash to Modern day performers such as Ryan Adams. Mike MacDonald and The Widow Makers play Americana/Alt Country music and mix influence with authentic originality. They have played many of the best music venues in Boston inlcuding Harpers Ferry, Johnny D's, and TT the Bears. The Widow makers have also been selected to play WFNX New England Product show, and organized the Alt Country Extravaganza an all day Americana/Alt Country show featuring 16 New England Bands.


EP- Sounds Through A Wire
LP- Alt Country Extravaganza (Compilation Cd)

Set List

1) If I had a dollar
2) We’ve Been Had
3) A little Bit More
4) Whiskey In a Bottle
5) Gravel Roads and Skyscrapers
6) Miss Ohio
7) Never had the chance
8) Nothing in my head
9) This Small Town
10) Cocaine Blues

Set Length Average 45-60 Minutes