The Mike MacKenzie Band

The Mike MacKenzie Band

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Mike MacKenzie Band concerts are an escape from the mundane - an experience that is sure to be memorable, inspirational and unique every time. The group performs with an energized dose of heavy blues-rock stylings and consistently delivers a tight, dynamic show. Instrumentation includes guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals, with each member being at the top of their class and a prominent contributor. Mike's debut album "Natural Causes" and further info is available at


With a diverse palette of influences, the Mike MacKenzie Band makes their presence known by being simultaneously powerful, bluesy and groovin’. Each member adds their personality to the dynamic melting pot and a potent brew is cooked up at every performance. Conceived in mid-2011 as a vehicle for MacKenzie’s accumulating original repertoire, the band has evolved far beyond initial expectations into the tour de force it is today.

It was through a culmination of experiences that Mike was led to assemble this unit, and musicianship along with flexibility was at the forefront of his vision. He had previously been engaged in several original rock groups, studied jazz at Mount Royal University and always had a deep-seeded foundation in the blues. Eventually the stars aligned and he was able to devise a product of all these important ingredients. The band is influenced by such predecessors as Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers, but undeniably have a sound all their own. Mike takes care of guitar and vocals and is joined by the top-notch cast of James Wise (drums), Tom Hart (bass) and Duncan McCartney (keys/sax). They treat every gig as an opportunity to break new ground, improve their sound and tightness, as well as leave an inspired, satisfied audience in their wake… and that is typically what they achieve.

Not long after their first batch of jam sessions and gigs, the group hit their stride and have since performed with a consistently high level of musicality and delivery. 2014 saw them play their highest volume of shows to date and 2015 is on track to be another busy and successful year. Expansion beyond their home turf of Calgary is fully underway, with an ever increasing amount of out-of-town dates throughout Western Canada. This recent period has also been very important as far as recorded material goes, with the debut Mike MacKenzie album “Natural Causes” being released in October 2014. Mike and the band are excited about the opportunities this will bring and aim to continue their ascent towards being a top Canadian act and an unforgettable concert experience.


Set List



-Genesis At Last

-Uncharted Waters

-I Can See Through You

-Vagabond Voyage

-Thelemic Pantheon


-Poison Arrow


-Blue Yonder

Selected Cover Repertoire:

-Allman Brothers Band - Black Hearted Woman

-Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra

-Cream - Badge

-Deep Purple - Maybe I'm a Leo

-Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

-Edgar Winter - Frankenstein

-Focus - Hocus Pocus

-Golden Earring - Radar Love

-James Gang - Funk #49

-Jeff Beck - Thelonius

-Jimi Hendrix - Freedom

-John Scofield - A Go Go

-Led Zeppelin - We're Gonna Groove

-Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Back My Bullets

-Opeth - Ending Credits

-Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar

-Ram Jam - Black Betty

-Rush - Anthem

-Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better

-ZZ Top - Cheap Sunglasses