Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches

 Owosso, Michigan, USA

Hailing from Owasso, MI, indie rock outfit Mike Mains & The Branches are turning heads and catching ears across the nation due to their incomparable work ethic and sincere live show. The band's extraordinary momentum stems from the release of their debut record "Home."


Whether a peasant or a king, a ruffian or a vagabond, nothing fills one with the warmth and peace that can be found only when you are home. And while every day is a journey, that journey itself is home. So if you would like some love, some family, or even just a roof to stand under while it rains, come join us. Our dear brothers and sisters, this is Home.

Mike Mains & The Branches have been touring independently for the last year and are doubling their draw every time they return to a market. Big plans, including festivals and relentless touring, are in store for Mike and his Branches.


The debut album, Home, is available now.