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"Meet Mike Maurer"

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When you think of local bands, you probably think of older dudes with their bandanas, handlebar mustaches who rasp out renditions of their acid trips from the 70s. Whatever your thoughts may be, throw them out the window with the Mike Maurer Band. Mike is like Denver’s real life Dewey Cox— He was born with a soulful voice and he knows how to use it.

Not only that, he is about as local as it gets. Growing up in North Denver, Mike went to North High School and even mowed lawns to pay for his music lessons. His mom and brother are the band promoters, where his brother commonly wears slippers out and about. You can spot the Mike Maurer Band all over Colorado. At their shows, you get good ol’ blues, rock, soul and some reggae.

Clearly, the Mike Maurer Band is not your average local band, folks. Allen Hanuman is on the trumpet and is damn good at the trumpet if we do say so ourselves. If you want to see the Mike Maurer Band, they’ll be at Herman’s Hideaway on April 25.

We wanted to get to know the man behind the voice. Who is this mysterious creature born with such a powerful voice?

Metromix spotted you playing at Club Bash on “Opening Day,” are you a big Rockies fan? If so, who is your favorite player and why?
Huge fan, I live downtown, a block away from Coors Field. I love them all, hard to pick a fave player.

You are from Denver and went to North High School. Do you hate it when people from the past try and contact you now that you’re in a groovy band?
No I love it. They never knew me as a musician/singer, so it’s a pleasant surprise.

You just released your debut solo album, “Chasing Pearl,” did you write and compose all your songs for the album?
Yes I did.

Where did you come up with the album’s name?
I turned ‘pearl’ into a metaphor for your dreams, what you want out of life. For me personally, pearl is music and success in music, and that’s what I’m chasing.

You can sure sing the blues. Where did you get so much soul?
Hard to say, not sure I listened to a lot of blues growing up. If you have passion for something, it’s easy to put your soul into it.

What kind of music helps get your day going in the morning?
Up-beat funk.

Your brother helps promote the band. He was wearing slippers when we met him….is this a common thing for him?
Ha, I would have to say yes, you can catch Dan in his pink furry slippers around downtown everywhere.

Have your female fans ever done anything crazy during a show? (i.e. thrown their underwear up, etc.?)
Never underwear, however, a “dancer” was at my Friday night show. She decided to do a routine next to me on stage. Fun!

What is your biggest goal with your music career?
Just to make a good living. I’m not trying to be on MTV. Just want to tour and share my music all over the world.

If you could meet on person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
So many to list. I would say B.B. King. He is the single reason I’m playing guitar. I heard a tape of his when I was about 10 years old, and knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Ready for “Random Question of the Day?!”: Let’s say you’re walking down the street and someone tries to steal an old ladies’ purse. What do you do in this situation?
Make sure the old lady is OK, then run after that bastard. Ha.
- Metromix


Chasing Pearl, Relesed 01/08
Radio Play-
Texas, Florida, South Germany, Francs (radio aria)
Albany New York. all over colorado, KTUN, KRFC, KUVO,Ect..



Mike Maurer Began studying music at age 13, training with Jock Bartley of chart toping band Fire Fall, From day one mike was enchanted with the blues. At age 15 with a deft approach and affinity towards the guitar, Mike started playing local clubs in Denver and Boulder. Even at a young age his talent and showmanship was a force to be reckoned with and at age 18 received national merit, winning a national youth talent show in New Orleans, LA After Louisiana, Mikes talent soared. He toured with a regional reggae/world beat band Irie Still, Where he played in sold out venues and learned the music business first hand.

Now at age 26, mike is doing what he has always set out to do, play blues and soul music. His debut solo album Chasing Pearl has already has already been meet with wild success, including both on-line and radio air time, rating well on the online charts and creating buzz in the blues community nation wide. Mike is a versatile performer covering anything from Sublime to B.B. King one thing that remains constant is his captivating live guitar work and soulful vocals. Transitioning from a slower bluesy song to A up beat ska sounding song keeps the crowed on there toes and engaged. He seems to move a crowd no matter the venue.

Still early on in his solo career, Mike has shared the stage with some incredible acts, Earth Wind and Fire, Tab Benoit, David Booker, Jack Hadley, Michael Hornbuckle, Scotty Rich (son of Billy from Taj Mahal) and Steve Crenshaw. Mike Has assembled an all star band. Chris Harris who’s tour Credits include Bo Diddley and Matt Guitar Murphy. Chris lends his amazing bass work to mikes music Peter Gregory who recently moved to Denver from New York after Teaching Percussion at the world renown music school, Juilliard. Peter has performed with a list of nationally known groups and musicians Reviews; “Having returned from a stint in California, Mike brings a freshness and blues power to the band, coupled with an earnest talent for singing vocals. Mike lends a warmth and sincerity to the guitar position. Having trained with a former member of the band Firefall, Mike's roots in Colorado go back a long way, and his solos exhibit a fine balance of passion, emotion and deep musical understanding”. -Mike Hester- “Mike’s honest talent and captivating live shows makes him a contender in the blues arena nationwide”. -Dave Sullivan, A&R Castle Records