Mike McCoy & Voices United

Mike McCoy & Voices United



Some people enter music ministry because the heritage of gospel music runs in their veins. Others enter the ministry because they’ve heard the call of God for their lives. Mike McCoy has been blessed to experience both. McCoy and his group, Mike McCoy & Voices United, a powerful and dynamic singing aggregation, has been purposed to draw souls to Christ and to minister to those who know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior. With a stunning repertoire of songs and spirit-led performances, the award-winning Mike McCoy & Voices United is on their way to becoming one of gospel music’s most talked about gospel choirs.

The group’s leader, Mike McCoy, a Washington, D.C. native, was almost born between the pews. Church served as his musical training ground. With a great-great-grandmother who served as his church’s minister of music until the age of 95, McCoy’s destiny for music seemed almost pre-ordained. When only 3 years old, his mother found him banging out tunes on a toy piano. Soon after, he took up the drums because “he liked to play something loud”. He later learned the organ, the trumpet and the bass guitar and was in the concert band and marching band in junior high school. He began to direct while in high school and pursued a music degree at the University of The District of Columbia. His love of music evolved into songwriting after he formed a gospel group. At the time, McCoy didn’t feel that the group was too taken by his songs, but a “chance” meeting with gospel great Thomas Whitfield changed his perspective.

“In the 70s, I formed a group called The Gospel Specials”, says McCoy. “They were a mix of The Winans, Commissioned and a little bit of quartet. During that time, I started writing songs, but I didn’t feel that the members were interested in singing them. I think people thought it was a little too contemporary. But when I had the opportunity to meet Thomas Whitfield, I shared my dilemma with him. He said I reminded him of himself when he was younger and that a lot of people initially didn’t want to sing his music. He said to me, “Just chalk it up to the fact they’re just not ready for your music yet. But keep on writing and the people will catch up to where you are.” McCoy would later find out how prophetic those words were.

In 1994, McCoy started his second group, Voices United. The choir originally began as a 40-member group, but was reorganized in 1998 to a twenty-five member organization consisting of ministers of music, musicians, choir directors, preachers, teachers, evangelists and praise and worship leaders. With a clear understanding of the purpose of praise and worship, Voices United’s mission centers around taking the hymns of the church and the more traditional elements of today’s music and ministering to the hurting and the lost.

Their ministry has not only uplifted souls, but has been recognized for excellence in gospel music. In 2006, Mike McCoy and Voices United won the Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Choir Competition. The brainchild of entrepreneur Teresa Hairston, the competition was part of the annual gospel music conference held in D.C. Just a few months later, the group won ChristianHangSuite.com’s $5,000 Gospel Slam Finale, also in Washington, D.C. Competing against choirs such as the world-renowned Howard Gospel Choir, Mike McCoy and Voices United prevailed as winners.

They’ve been blessed to back some of the best artists in the genre including Vickie Winans, John P. Kee, Byron Cage, Patrick Lundy & The Ministers Of Music, Stephen Hurd, Shirley Caesar, Richard Smallwood and many others.

Undoubtedly part of the group’s success has been due to their recordings. Ready, the ensemble’s first CD released in 2000, saw McCoy strut his gift of songwriting in many of the project’s tracks including the memorable Psalm 66 and uplifting We’ve Come To Praise Him. Receiving modest airplay, the project got the group’s feet wet for their new project, Continue To Continue. Recorded live at The Master’s Child Church in Capital Heights, Maryland, the project is a stunning mixture of praise and worship, traditional and contemporary gospel music. The new project contains God-centered songs encouraging and uplifting the believer.

The musical endeavor mirrors the goal of the group and its leader. “Our purpose is to share what God has given us with the world,” says the Asst. Minister of Music at First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Glenarden, Maryland. “My goal is to make people feel like they’re in church, to provide a church atmosphere. But most of all, it’s about ministry. We like ministering and we like singing. We want to share what God has given to us.”


Ready, Released June 2000
Continue To Continue, To Release @007