Mike McMonagle

Mike McMonagle


"...a little Dylan, a little Drive-By Truckers, and a little Jelly Roll Morton. He strums the guitar like he’s going to break it and rolls his raspy, melodic vocals over top. His sound reminds me of a defunct factory in the purple twilight, all beauty where you might least expect it." – Andilit.com


The first day Mike McMonagle picked up a guitar was a Saturday (presumably). The Pennsylvania sky was blue and cloudless (probably). The first chord he ever strummed was an E minor, and to this day, Mike still plays that very same chord – along with others – to craft an array of folk-inspired ditties about riding trains, drinking wine and the Commonwealths of Virginia and Pennsylvania. A wealth of meaning exists below the surface, however, as Mike sings to inspire hope, reconcile loss and make good on his existence in this world.

Mike is currently recording his debut album that is yet to be titled.


Live From Grand Salon (WXPN presents showcase)