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5 stars! This album by Mike Morello, put simply, is great. Put more simply, buy it. For anyone looking for the whole package, here it is. I'm not saying it's perfect. It is clear to me that Morello has great things locked up that he has not yet recorded or explored and I look forward to future music from him. Almost everyone I have played this disc for has not only loved it, but purchased it, which is a great testament to Mike Morello's ability to hook listeners right away. I have been in the music industry for quite a few years and if this guy isn't backed by a major label within the next year, i'll be both surprised and disapointed. I have only been able to hear him live through his website, but I hope he decides to come around my area to play soon. I agree with "ATAT Driver" in that it seems interesting that the few bad reviews of this album are by people who all seem to have 14 year-old sisters. Conclusion: if you have a 14 year-old sister, this album is not for you... buy it and give it to her instead because it seems she knows good music and you, well... i'm not sure you heard the same album the rest of did. (written by 'bassclef' from Boston, MA on Oct. 28th, 2005)
- www.amazon.com

5 stars! Mike's sounds the same on a CD as he sounds live because there's no gimmick here. The songs feature insightful lyrics into life's nuances (like Del Amitri) without all of anger prevalent in today's music that caters to post-pubescent 20-somethings. The music that forms the foundation for these lyrics is an ecclectic mix of '60's folk, '70's R&B and '80's accoustic rock. Don't be put off by other reviews that errantly steer the album toward 14-year old girls. This isn't vacuous saccharine pop from Rob Thomas. The tunes are sweet enough to hum after the the song stops playing, but the record doesn't lack sincerity. It's naked music - music from a singer-songwriter that has the journeyman-confidence to tell you about his experiences, not the hypothetical experiences of the mythically-downtrodden. (written by 'gold34' from Roayal Oak, MI on Oct. 26th, 2005)
- www.amazon.com

5 stars! to all those out there who like music, listen up! leisure by mike morello is the perfect cd for you, no matter what kind of music you like. this album has something for everyone, from jazz to modern rock to, yes, it's true, pop, all blended together to form a sound of it's own. and this sound can and will reach many people of all ages. further more, the songs themselves are true thoughts and expressions from the soul of one person that often times happen to be the same things we all feel and express. and then of course the love songs often say things we wish we'd hear or feel or know. so before you pass this by, sit down and enjoy some leisure time, because otherwise you won’t know the half of it. (written by 'Betsy' from Shelton, CT on Oct. 31st, 2005)

- www.towerrecords.com

Mike's album "leisure" is awesome. He has great songs that stick in your head all day. he's probably the best songwriter along side jack johnson in my collection. He'll be famous soon. You should see him live if you get the chance. he's just as good on stage as he is on the album, if not better (plus, he's pretty cute, too). Buy this now... you won't be disapointed. (written by 'koa') - www.cdbaby.com

This album is amazing.
Mike is a lyrical genious.
Each track on this album speaks to me in its own way.
I think that everyone needs a copy of this album. (written by Jeb Bruno from Shelton, CT on Sept. 26th, 2005)
- www.amazon.com

Man... I don't even know what to say [about ‘next to you’]. I'm floored by this song. I LOVE IT! The simple beat, the vinyl sound, the cool guitar parts, Mike's awesomely chill voice. Wow. The feel!!! I love the feel!!! Man... wow. What a cool vibe you've got here. I want to go write a song now! - David Franz - Berklee

mike morello is a connecticut born singer/songwriter on the cafe scene. his fresh blend of jazz, soul and acoustic pop, is rooted in many influences, however he has come up with a sound that is packing area bars and coffee houses. - Connecticut Post

from my forum page

hey mike!
just another one of your adoring fans stopping in to say hello! And of course ask for your number and maybe for a little something more...you down? oh and i think your website is fab and your music amazing...so about that number..?

- 1-2-free-forums.com

mike - Your put a lot of emotion into your work. I get the sense of pride, of effort and of a constant work-in-progress. Your songs are wonderful. Your lyrics are weighted with meaning and your guitar skills are impressive to say the least. I swear it sounded like more than one person playing at a time! I think you are on your way to something great,

Jackie (from Iowa)

- www.mikemorello.net

"guys, thanks so much for hugely successful release party. there were over 100 people in a place that only seats 50 (way to bust the fire code) and i sold 72 discs. soon, you'll be able to purchase or download it from anywhere you would normally get your music. thank you, thank you, thank you. talk to you all soon... mike (7/16/05)" - www.mikemorello.net/news.html


"up to something" - full-length, full-production LP (coming soon - summer 2007)

“leisure” – full length, full- production LP (2005)

“next to you” – single EP (2005)

"new view" - full-length LP (2004)

"a word or two" - EP (2004)

Radio Tracks – “wound up,” "on from here"

Streaming tracks are available on CDbaby.com, amazon.com, iTunes.com, napster.com, rhapsody.com, musicnet.com and over 40 others.



visit me at www.mikemorello.net
or at www.myspace.com/mikemorello

mike morello is a connecticut born singer/songwriter on the cafe scene. his fresh blend of jazz, soul and acoustic pop, is rooted in many influences, however he has come up with a sound that is packing area bars and coffee houses.

-anonymous (‘The Connecticut Post’)

mike is in the studio recording his new album, "up to something" and will begin his summer tour on august 3rd in new york city (dates coming soon).
mike's "wound up" is playing on over 450 radio stations nation-wide.

mike on playing live (from www.mikemorello.net)

a few people have asked me lately what it's like to get on stage and perform. i remember that when i first began to get up in front of people, i was scared to death. here i was, all of a sudden, a foot higher than everyone else in the room (and i'm not too tall, so this was strange enough by itself), everyone's eyes on that stage and on me and here i was with my little love songs and my feelings totally open and truthful to an audience full of people i didn't know and i felt like i was always ready to do something totally idiodic. i felt like everyone was just waiting for me to mess something up so that they could point and laugh. it wasn't until much later that i realized that people are gazing up at the stage because they want to be entertained and/or because they wish they were up there, too. they want to be transported from their everyday lives to where you are; from something you have within you and within your music. at first, to combat anxiety, i would put myself down and so, that way, if i really did mess anything up, i had already covered my ass. there was a problem with this, though. i realized that people want to see confidence on stage. off stage i was confident. i needed to take it with me when i went up there to play. what i needed to understand was that, at the end of the day, some people are just gonna' plain hate your stuff (just look at a couple of my amazon reviews) and there isn't a damn thing we can do to change that. (as a matter of fact, the second we try to change to please someone, we piss off someone else and basterdize our own true music). at the same time, though, someone out there really digs what you're doing and they deserve to get the best performance you can give them. as a matter of fact, anyone who takes the time to come to see me play, spends their valuable time listening to me, maybe pays a cover to get in and buys a drink (even if they're the guy who hates my shit) deserves for me to play the best i can play every time. the audience wants to see that i feel my music, that i love my music. that's the other step to being comfortable on stage... you have to feel your own music. this comes in the writing of it. it sounds really cheesy, but when i write, i pour my feelings on the paper and in the words and through the strings. it isn't about thinking, "i need to be writing a hit pop song that the masses will adore (although that would be nice)" but it is about getting yourself in that feeling and using whatever comes out when you're in that place. that will make it authentic and you can really know that you're telling the truth. then, when i perform, before i play any song, i try to get myself back into that feeling i had so that it will be as real as the day i wrote it. with that, you will be confident enough to love it and your audience will really sink their teeth into it. if i do this, i forget about that guy who hates it because i'm focused on some beautiful girl that i loved or that thing i did or that place i saw or that feeling i had. at the end of the day, only you need to like what you're doing on stage. if you're just starting out and / or you're frightened of performing (and i'm no expert... i'm always learning), please know that it gets easier over time. for me, now, it's a real trip. one more thing. you can't look for the spotlight. people are smart enough to see right through that. you have to be willing to play just as hard for one single person at a cafe sipping on their coffee as you would for entire arena full of screaming fans. the music is the music and that, for me, is the most important thing to remember. i have to enjoy what i do on that stage, otherwise it becomes like a job and i don't want playing music to feel like that. i hope that answers the question. see you all soon... thanks for listening. - mike (from my online journal at www.mikemorello.net)

with a new album hitting retail and online stores, mike says, "i write what i feel and hope people dig it. i hope they can connect to it in some way. i won't write it if i haven't been through it. if i did, it wouldn't be real and i wouldn't feel it and neither would my audience."

"there are some great things going on in music right now. some great musicians are being recog