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Mike Morris

Strafford, New Hampshire, United States | INDIE

Strafford, New Hampshire, United States | INDIE
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mike Morris' Live Show"

"Mike's performance is an energy-charged frenzy of guitar, songwriting and wit. He is a pleasure to watch and very popular with my patrons. I have put Mike in front of sold out artists like Willy Porter and the crowd has absolutely loved him. Mike has an uncanny ability to get the room involved in his performance by his second song. Whenever he plays Tupelo, I am sure to get emails and phone calls from patrons asking when he is coming back. " - Scott Hayward, Tupelo Music Hall

"Don't Miss This Guy"

"The music flows out of him like a waterfall... a remarkable effort with 12 well-written and performed songs that will 'rev up your engine and get under your musical hood." - Bruce Bressack, Hippo Press

"New "Lonely Guy" Album Will Make Many Friends"

"This local singer-songwriter manages to lift himself out of the depths with a diverse library of guitar licks and self-deprecating humor. Morris is a gifted guitarist, and his talents on his instrument are rivaled by his abilities as both singer and songwriter."

Read the full review:
http://www.seacoastonline.com/calendar/03032005/cd_revie/67557.htm - Portsmouth (NH) Herald

"Funky Acoustic Folk"

"Funky acoustic folk... a distinct sound and a comfortable, home-cooked feel... a very uplifting, positive vibe."

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http://www.indieville.com/reviews/mikemorris.htm - Indieville.com

"Having Fun with Music the Mike Morris Way"

By Christopher Hislop
April 02, 2009

I love the packaging of Mike Morris' latest record, "Box of Sixty-Four." It's made of textured cardboard (it's much cooler to associate some sort of texture when you get your mitts on a new CD rather than the same ol' plastic housing that most of them come in). It's got a box of exposed crayons on the front, crayons on the back, and colors everywhere. It grabs your eye and makes you want to pick it up and figure out what's inside.

The first thing you'll see when you open it up is a personal note from Mike about the making of the album, which includes the following lines (they need to be said):

"Making music is a lot like eating a donut. It's a lot of fun, better when it's fresh, easy to overindulge and hard to quit once you start. This record came in fits, staggered a few times, sort of crawled back to life and quietly walked over the finish line. I had to be reminded that life is not just black and white. Or ones and zeroes. Or Lennon & McCartney. It's right now. And forever. And Jagger & Richards. So bang on the table. Eat dessert first. Go climb a tree. Put on some music...;" I think this is one of the best personal anecdotes that an artist has included in the liner notes of their record that I've ever seen.

The whole essence of Morris' latest effort is "fun." It's a proclamation to look beyond the daily routine and the black and white of life, and throw in a little color for good measure (just listen to the third track on the record "Let a Little Color In," and you'll understand). The music is of a serious nature lyrically, but is just super refreshing, easy going, and yes, I'll say it again, FUN.

Morris wields a seriously wel-played acoustic axe, which is further complimented by his witty and heartfelt lyrical delivery.

A highlight off the album is the opening cut, "Learning to Fly," in which Morris sings (in a Barenaked Ladies-esque kinda way...;):

"Sitting, waiting for something to happen / Attention this is the captain, thinking of you, it's a long way down / You might, want to fasten your seat belt, just to see how restraint felt / Ashes to ashes we all fell down...;" The words are wrapped around Morris' acoustic guitar and the addition of Nate Wilson's atmospheric keyboards, which make this the perfect opening cut, and the springboard into how fun music can be, and further, how a "fun" record should sound.

For information, visit www.mikemorris.us. - Portsmouth Herald Spotlight


"What Have I Done?" Parker Blue Productions, 2005.
"Box of Sixty-Four" FreeStyle Folk Records, 2009



I'm a reluctant New Englander. I was born in El Paso, TX, and came to NH in the early 1970s. Now, I can't imagine living anywhere else but here. I learned the power of a song when my older brother locked me in a closet and made me listen to Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" over and over again. My favorite records are Tom Waits' "Closing Time," and Marc Cohn's eponymous debut record. I could sit in a good music store for hours, picking on acoustic guitars. Strings and Things Music in Concord, NH is a good one, and they're good people. I played my first gig in Concord, too... at Hermanos Cocina Mexicana. It's still there, and so am I... I recently played their 30th anniversary. I call my music FreeStyle Folk, and though I often play solo, or with my trusty JamMan looper, I like nothing better than sharing a song with a fellow music lover. When I was starting out a while back, someone said to me: "You can't eat music." Well, no... but it sure does feed your soul. Thanks for listening.

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