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Mike Moss

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Mike Moss - Cold World Plastic Dream Review"

"I would define Mike Moss as a modern day troubadour. He spins his stories and weaves his tales with a perfectly etched, quartz voice. His music is both retro and modern, containing a certain nostalgic component, which adult oriented music lovers will adore." - Jamspehere

"Music Review - Mike Moss Cold World Plastic Dream"

“If this album is any indication, Moss has a way with a pop melody that captures the imagination. This is a man who can write the kind of tune that will stick with you...There isn't a song, of the ten original compositions on the album, that doesn't have an absolutely infectious hook, the kind of hook that could well land a song on many a pop hit list”. - Seattle Post


Still working on that hot first release.



Defying typecasts, Manchester born Mike Moss is an anomaly in the modern world of manufactured pop. Yet, with his diverse musical roots - from hanging out with the Uncle who toured with Ivor Emmanuel, to the mosh pits of Manchester’s rock clubs - he is also emblematic of a new wave of self-made artists, combining innate musical talent with production and marketing savvy.

Born of a healthy disrespect for musical genres and market-fixations, in 2012, he released his debut album Cold World Plastic Dream to a string of rave reviews. Comparisons have already been drawn to the likes of David Bowie, Muse, and Coldplay but the voice that emerges is inimitably Moss’s, his unique quartz-like vocals and signature sound deliver a stellar performance that is both powerful and soul-searching. Indeed, from the clarion call of the opening anthem It’s Time, to the pulsing beats of Emotion Machine, Moss toys with expectations and eschews the mainstream, all the while keeping the album fresh and accessible.

In Spring 2012, Mike Moss formed a five-piece band to include the legendary Myke Wilson on drums (ex-Texas, Dust Junkys and Kid British fame), Lewis Hurrell on keys, Mike ‘Jonesy’ Jones on guitar, and Ben Jacob on bass. A string of successful live dates followed as well as guest appearances on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Manchester, and BBC Radio Nottingham - to name just a few - and it wasn’t long before promoters were inviting him back as the headline act.

It's not hard to see why though. Mike Moss is an amazing live act with a big future and one to watch. The energy he exudes live is infectious, as is the connection he has with his audience with whom he frequently engages - walking out into the crowd, selling his wares, putting it all on the line - always the entertainer. In fact, you get the feeling the only thing holding him back at times is the length of his microphone lead. But what hits you most is the passion, the integrity and the honesty of his performance. The songs develop another personality live, working effortlessly for him, and his beautifully anthemic vocals carry it all along with grace and gravitas. It's fair to say he embraces his shows with a belief that is truly captivating.

To date, Mike Moss and his band have played host to a number of headline shows, supported other big name acts such as The Futureheads, and Kid British, billed No.2 in the UK University Student Radio Chart, and been playlisted in both the UK and the US with the songs Drop In The Ocean (first single), Emotion Machine, Be The Way, Not This Time, Morning Call, and (second single) Higher You Climb.

As for 2013, Moss is currently working alongside Planetary Group, in Los Angeles, on a College Radio campaign that is yielding some fantastic results. So far, the album is in rotation on over 50 stations across the US with more to follow (see discography for more details). And whilst he will continue to play a number of gigs around the UK this summer his primary focus is now in the studio where he is working hard on new material for the next album.