Mikenpike is fusion of new progressive indie rock mixed with the heart and soul of the singer song writer era that shaped the music industry as we know it today.


In 2003 a group of high school friends formed to try to bring their individual musical talents together as one. The result was an original and inspired indie rock sound that as the cliché goes doesn't lend itself to a specific genre. But with this band it is true. The formula is simple and is one that as the history of music unfolds you will find boils down to heart on your sleeve writing. Josh Pike singer and main song writer for Mikenpike has his heart bleeding for all to see. Powerful lyrics blend in with inspiring musical accompaniment cemented by solid and pounding drums from drummer Ken Hein and jaw dropping bass lines from bassist Andrew Pike. The 4 piece is rounded out by layered guitars and vocals from Josh Pike and Mike Scofield. In a short time this band has managed to do the hardest task young bands have, and that is develop a sound and a voice. Currently Mikenpike have developed a small cult following and continue to grow it around the southeast.


Different People, Different Minds 2004
Record For The Years 2007

Set List

Another Year, Laying Next to my Lover, Where We Live, Irony(in a different form), Then She Wept, Tell me what you Said, No Recollection, I've Lost This Time, I'm Dead and we're in Love, The Chair's Upstairs, The Strings Hold the Sadness and I Hold The Strings, Same Has Been Safe, Don't Call the Ambulance, A Sound or Influence, Happy New Year.