Michael Scott O'Donnell

Michael Scott O'Donnell

 Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

I play mainly acoustic guitar, folk, blues. I write my own songs.


Michael is a singer/songwriter from the Boston, MA area. He was born in 1959. Michael took some piano lessons when he was 11, by the time he had turned 12 he had picked up the guitar and never looked back. In 1981, Michael got accepted to Gordon College in Wenham, Ma. for music performance. His High School grades were not the best but he was accepted into the program based on an audition for the director of music. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances he did not complete the program. Michael wrote his first song when he was 20. He writes his songs usually on guitar but he also writes using his keyboard. He has recently been performing his music live at coffee houses and bars. He has a CD coming out shortly that will be avalible at the shows where he is performing.
He has performed his music at an open mike at The Vanillia Bean in Pomfret, CT and at The Steve Key Showcase at the West Side Cafe in Frederick, MD. He has also been performing at open mikes in and around New England; at Java Jo's in Jamacia Plain and Java Jo's in E. Milton, MA, Fish Hill Tavern in Beverly, MA, Gulu Gulu in Lynn, MA, The Harbor House in Gloucester, MA, In A Pig's Eye in Salem, MA and other venues. All great places to see live music. Come on out and experience some great live music. Independent musicians today are working harder than ever to entertain you. So check 'em out tonight.


Recession Depressin Blues

Written By: Michael Scott O'Donnell

Hello, how ya doin, I've got a phone call today. From a very good friend of mine who was living in L.A. He said I wanted to know how thing are in the east. Well, not much better than when you left, I'm still out on relief.
I've got the recession depressin blues. Ain't no jobs for miles and miles. I ain't got no good news. The future does't look very bright today. maybe I should pack it in and move out to L.A.
He said before you pack your bags I've got something else to say I don't want to frighten you or scare you away. But we've got a little trouble, trouble of our own there's people out here looting stores and burnin down their homes. We can't seem to get along with each other anymore. We don't know about brotherhood. We just don't know the score. People are the same no matter where they live. Lif'e too short for all that stuff let's take time to forgive.

Lottery Blues

Written By: Michael Scott O'Donnell

Lottery Blues
Michael Scott O’Donnell

Put down my money paid all my dues
Tomorrow morning I’m gonna get the news
gonna be a winner in the lottery
Jackpots up to ten million and three
I picked out my number so carefully
I hope I’ll be a winner in the lottery

Lottery that’s for me
Never gonna work again well can’t Ya see
All I have to do is just win the lottery

I’ve played the I’ve made so many picks
This time I’m gonna get all six
Gonna be a winner in the lottery
Oh baby can’t Ya see it would be so nice to win the lottery
We could be big winners in the lottery

Lottery that’s for me
Never gonna work again well can’t Ya see
All I have to do is just win the lottery

My job just barely pays the rent
Half way through the week my monies all spent
So I really need to win the lottery

Oh baby can’t Ya see it would be so nice to win the lottery
We could be big winners in the lottery

Written 5/14/1992

Angel Of Mine

Written By: Michael Scott O’Donnell

Down on my luck, no where to go. My dreams were dying fast. I needed someone to pull me through before my life went on past.
I never thought I’d find someone like you so loving and so kind. You must have
been sent from above, to give me peace of mind.
I dreamed I met an angel she looks so much like you. She calmed my spirit and filled my heart with love that could pull me through.
Where did you come from where have you been I don’t really care all that matters is here and now and the love we have to share.
I woke up from my sleep, found an angel next to me. I guess it wasn’t a dream. ‘Cause you are here with me. I look into your eyes, and they look back at mine. I see the reflection of the love I have for you inside.
Where did you come from angel of mine I don’t really know now that I’ve found you, you are the one, who brings joy to my soul?
The setting of the sun, The rising of the moon. Doesn’t match the beauty of an angel like you. I’d do anything for you.
I can’t believe what I feel inside. Now I know what love means. I’ve been drifting along the way. My love for you isn’t a dream.
Where did you come from Angel of mine tell me were have you been. Sent to me from above sent down to be my friend.


CD Albums,

"Angel Of Mine" 2006 10 song album

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"Bar Songs" 2006 3 song single

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Set List

Here are some of the cover songs I sing in at my gigs.

Cover songs

1. A pirate looks at 40
2. Age
3. Ain’t no sunshine
4. All along the Watchtower
5. Amie
6. Banana Republic
7. Blue on Black
8. Breakdown
9. Brown Eyed Girl
10. Buckets of rain
11. Candida
12. Carmelita
13. Cats in the cradle
14. Cowgirl in the sand
15. Crazy Love
16. Drift Away
17. Duncan
18. Emma
19. Everything is cool
20. Folsom prison blues
21. For a dancer
22. Give my love to rose
23. Hands on the wheel