Mike Petkau

Mike Petkau


Literate and crafty indie-pop. Tragic-romantic heartscapades meet their match against the backdrop of a forgotten city. At one moment soaring and anthemic, the next full of fragile remorse. Available solo or with the band.


Mike Petkau is standing next in line to wave Winnipeg’s flag as a hotbed for literate and empassioned songwriters. This former member of goth-lite Astarte has armed himself with a vintage guitar, a thesaurus, and a handful of road-tested songs of urban decay and the love lost within a city's walls. Rotating between somber introspections and driving rock-n-roll romance, Petkau and his band have begun criss-crossing this monstrous nation.

With a crafty self-produced album, Parapet, a love of the open road, and a new crack band in tow, Mike is upping the ante for his live show. Now joining him in the tour van are guitarist/bassist Dave Quanbury (Tequila Mockingbird, Brandy Zdan) and drummer Steve Martens (Monica Schroeder, The Fading Hopes).

Mike tours both solo and with the band, and can be found throughout Western Canada in January. Ontario and Quebec will follow in March. A new record showcasing the new pop songs is due out in fall 2004.

Parapet features performances by Greg MacPherson, Mimi Orr, Vava Kolinski (Toronto's Evil Twins) and Joanne Lawton (London's Sirens) among others. A diverse album of acoustic impressionism, folky soundscapes and driving rock-n-roll romance, Parapet announces a creative new voice from a creative city.

While all this hubbub goes on, Mike doubles as a recording engineer and producer. He recently produced several pieces for the JUICE compilation of spoken word & music, and is currently producing new albums for new-wave singer-songwriter Darren Day & The Veronicas and psychedelic jazz/rock outfit Mahogany Frog. Other credits include House of Doc (Sacred Blue) and Cat Jahnke (Cathartic). Mike also finds time to volunteer as a sound mixer for indie movie shoots within Winnipeg's vibrant independant film community


2002 >> Parapet
2004 >> Teacup (s/t - sideproject)
2004 >> Don't Say A Word (to be released fall 2004)

Two singles off Parapet received extensive campus radio play in Canada, "Its A Chance You Gotta Take" and "As A Prairie I Once Loved".

Set List

1. I Claim These Streets
2. Punk Rawk Scene
3. Arkansas
4. Its A Chance You Gotta Take
5. Shed Your Sparks
6. Thin
7. Chords & Verses
8. The Family Gathering
9. Winter Waits
10. Chocalate Jesus (Tom Waits) or Radio Radio (Elvis Costello)