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Organized Mess - 2008
Pretty Life in a Gritty Light - 2009
I Don't Watch TV... - (TBD 2009)

(None of these album tracks has received air time but both finished albums have been featured on hip hop blogs and were well received.)



You could say that my performance track record is great. Despite the fact that i haven't done shows outside local clubs, events and New York City bars, all of these shows were extremely well received. Not by just friends, but average people in the venue.
The past year at college i traveled to the big apple weekly, usually returning home at 3am, just so i can leave the good impression of staying until the end of the show. Everybody there understood the fact that i was a determined musician, not some fame seeking joke, and there is plenty of those.
Sitting in the bar week after week i have seen acts throw money into the crowd (one dollar bills), wear matching clothing and rap to ladies in the front row, obviously embarrassing them. None of them get it, music is about yourself. Its personal, the best music is music we relate to. My music comes straight out of direct experience, that's why its relatable. All honest, none exaggerated.
So when i grab a microphone, without money to throw, without a crew behind me sporting an identical t shirt, and without the drive to make anybody feel uncomfortable; everybody knows that all that i put into the songs is what i have been keeping inside while i watch struggling acts.
Where does it all come from? I cant tell you specifically, it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a music library spanning decades to raise a musician. My music might not sound like Paul Simon, but no doubt his poetic lyricism has influenced me.
I studied my favorite artists when i first started. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, One Be Lo and Atmosphere were all there to help me rap. In terms of hip hop production; J Dilla, DJ Shadow and Madlib to big commercial acts like Kanye West and Timbaland all helped me understand rap beats. An odd mix of names, i know.
That is what it should be, an unmixed blend is ignorant. I can only understand my objectives after i see everyone elses. This might explain why my music can have a catchy chorus but have some of the realest lyrics. Something that sounds like it is out of a diary.
Music itself should be listened to grow as well as enjoy, and i feel that is what i have accomplished.