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The best kept secret in music


"Hits and originals, Pinto rocks Den"

KUTZTOWN-Springtime, and the livin' was easy as Mike Pinto took to the microphone in front of over 50 spectators in the quaint and relaxed Bear's Den last Thursday evening.

The slender 23-year-old singer/songwriter took the stage with an acoustic guitar and a laid-back demeanor, wearing loose fitting jeans and a bright yellow T-shirt. His vocal style was reminiscent of Howie Day while his guitar strumming was inspired by Sublime's Brad Nowell, Bob Marley and even Johnny Cash.

The whole concert felt like a summer ride in a Jeep Wrangler, top down, doors off, radio up and the warm afternoon wind against your skin.

The free concert was organized by the Society for Advancement of Management (S.A.M.), its advisor, Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Roger Hibbs and Hibbs' classes.

Pinto's first cover of the night, Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," was filled with crisp vocals and clean-picking guitar. Pinto also paid homage to his major musical influences and covered songs such as "Don't Push" by Sublime, "Stir It Up" by Bob Marley, "You Don't Know How it Feels" by Tom Petty and the Jack Johnson/Ben Harper duet, "Flake." Pinto added personal touches on each song through vocal stylization or tempo and rhythm changes.

Pinto's original songs, inspired by reggae guitar riffs and "scat" singing, brought forth both his imagination and life experiences. He seemed shy at first about his songs, even self-censoring some lyrics while performing. That didn't last long, however, when he got to songs such as "Betty Got Knocked Up" and "Tricky Nicky."

Both of them told of sexy ladies that take turns for the worst, either by getting impregnated by Pinto's best friend or turning to drugs. Despite the depressing tales, these two were both crowd favorites, bringing rigorous applause.

Pinto's sensitive side showed as well when he sang "One More Time," a song he wrote in dedication to his closest friends. In it, he professes that "a party ain't a party 'til your friends arrive."

Pinto is a good friend of Evan Hibbs, former KU student and son of Professor Hibbs, the S.A.M. club advisor. Young Hibbs accompanied Pinto on a few of his songs, such as "Chilean Lover," keeping a low bass line with his acoustic guitar underneath Pinto's lead strumming.

Professor Hibbs cited Pinto as an example of how difficult it is to break into the music industry, but said that he has as good a chance as any of going national. "The key is to keep him playing and this is one way to do that," said Hibbs, adding that Pinto has already played at many major clubs and universities in Philadelphia.

"Professor Hibbs has helped me out a lot," Pinto said in an interview between his two one-hour sets. Currently, he is an unsigned artist in search of a manager. "I want to have at least two albums done before I sign with anyone," he said. "This way, I won't feel pressured just to write for the money." By the end of the year, Pinto will have finished his tour of the United States and hopes to then move on to Europe.

Many of the students in the audience had never heard Pinto before, while others had been fans for a short while.

"I've heard his stuff before since I am in Professor Hibbs' entrepreneurship class," said senior Industrial Organizational Psychology major Ben Guerin. "I really like his sound. I'm a Ben Harper and Sublime fan, too, so that might be why."

His next show will be at Chestnut Hill College in Chestnut Hill, PA on April, 22.

Pinto will return to Kutztown University for Cinco De Mayo. For more information on the artist, as well as tour dates and song downloads, go to www.myspace.com/littledistrict. - The Keystone - Kutztown University

"Cd Reviews"

...a hell of a player, and the record is well-written and well-executed,
so if that's your thing, pop your collar and get your 'bee. The record
is calling all freshmen out to the quad - you bring the keg, Mike
Pinto's bringing the songwriting chops, and everybody's getting laid. - Origivation Magazine (Philadelphia, PA)

"Live Review: Songspot Festival"

This skinny dude with the sweet smile surprised first-time listeners with his upbeat reggae vibe and startling lyrics. Pinto managed to sound unassuming and angelic even while cursing and singing about women you wouldn't want to bring home to mama.
- Origivation Magazine (Philadelphia, PA)


Little District, LP (2005)
Mike Pinto, EP (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mike Pinto grew up in Fairless Hills, PA and graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2004. He's been a singer/songwriter/guitarist for 8 years. A former member of the band Discord, Mike blends reggae, ska, and dub styles, but still enjoys the smooth sounds of an acoustic guitar.

Biggest musical influences: Bradley Nowell, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings (lately)