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The best kept secret in music


"Mike Previti-Extraordinary"

Not Lame loved Previtis debut EPs and bemoaned the fact that we wanted more, a full length and now that wish has come true w/ Mike Previtis debut, Extraordinary. Great classic power pop material in the vein of Adam Schmitt, The Tories, Tommy Keene, The Elms, Creighton Doane and Butch Walker. Not a dud in the pack. Bsides the strong songs, the ace-in-the-hole is Previti`s voice which perfect. Perfect for this type of material and pop-solid for many Not Lamers, trust us. With its layered vocals and rich production style, its out right winner on all levels. Extraordinary floats catchy choruses left and right, Tons of layered guitars and cool, pumping pop melodies. If sweet, intensely rich vocals, hard driving guitar hooks and whalloped backing vocals get you worked up, Previti is going to do that and more. Extremely Highly Recommended!! - Not Lame Recordings

"CD of the Day"

Mike Previti is another quality artist from the thriving Boston power pop scene (Candy Butchers/Mike Viola, Bleu, The Cautions, Frank Ciampi et al). To date, he's only given us a couple of EPs, one of which was the fine Audio, and just this week he's finally released his first full-length, Extraordinary. Of course giving that title to your debut album is kind of asking for trouble; while I wouldn't term it "extraordinary", it'd call it pretty damn good.

Previti's sound is pretty similar to his fellow Bostonians mentioned above, and some of the best tracks from Audio are reprised on Extraordinary, including the EP title track and "Beautiful", as well as he title track of the album itself, which is another winner and reminds me of Millicent Friendly.

"Extraordinary" is the only track streaming at his myspace page, so you'd be better off streaming from his official site, where "Audio" and "In Again" are streaming along with "Extraordinary". And the CD itself is a bargain - only $6.99 at CD Universe. - Absolute Powerpop

"Mike Previti-Extraordinary"

Where do I begin? Mike Previti, I first his material last year when I picked up a single CD from a music store in Appleton, WI. The artwork looked like material I'd be interested in, so I purchased it. I ended up listening to the 2 songs all the way home. Of course I went online and looked up who sang on the single to see if I full album was available. I came to find out that "Last Cry" was no more. I was too late, ahh but I wasn't late when it came to Mike Previti. He had some material on his website that I could take in and from there I was hooked. I followed bits and pieces of information for over a year now and here it is a full album.

As Mike put it, he's "a product of the 80's" and his lyrics truly show that. So breaking down this album is an easy task, transitions/order for the most part was rock solid as some of the tracks did blend right into the next one. Fun Factor, I had a ton of fun listening to this album just a few times I had to go back and re-listen to some material so that I could re-think how I felt. Instruments / Vocal Sound, the vocals were amazing there's no question. The instruments well there were a couple minor areas that were a bit odd but overall was they were good. Writing / Lyrics, again were very easy to follow and fun to take in. Overall Design / Feel, to round it all up and package it I thought was a nice touch it's very simple design for the album cover but is eye catching.

My final thoughts on "Extraordinary" are these, don't pass it up. Seriously, grab a copy of this disc. Head on iTunes and download it, go to your local music store and purchase a copy, there's amazon.com as well. In my view this album has a ton to offer and I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. There's songs on here that are radio friendly and others that could easily be on TV Shows or in movies. True emotions are all over this album, you can listen to this material anywhere, work / home / school. A great disc to sit back and enjoy, continued success to Mike and his band! - Shipwrecked Island Studios

"Notable Releases!"

I don’t recall how I stumbled across the young Boston rocker, but he unleashes his debut release this week. This is straight-forward rock and roll that will fit quite comfortably on Top 40 radio. - Twangville

"Mike Previti-Extraordinary"

Gotham Records
10-song CD
With a tongue in check melodic homage to Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right,” the title track to this disc is proof positive that Mike Previti is more than capable of writing the perfect pop song. With his first full-length in a while, Mike Previti is back with ten practically flawless pop tracks, produced again with the knob twiddling genius of Sir David Minehan. Each song seems a showcase of Previti’s knack for the instantly singable melody and immediately catchy hook. Layer this with some crunchy guitar, contrast it with shimmering acoustic, wisps of keyboards, and some tight production, this record as everything fans of songwriter pop can enjoy, but with the indie ethic that allows it to rock a little harder than the usual Dawson’s Creek fodder of the last ten years. Longtime guitarist Mic Pesaturo is the consummate session guitarist, capable of complimenting every mood of each of these songs with the most immediately perfect guitar sound and riff. Previti himself has a distinctive voice, certainly tempered and influenced by other AAA male vocalist. His high clear vocal tone is a refreshing breath of fresh air to all those male singer songwriters only content to sound exactly like Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews. From start to finish, this CD is worth a listen and relentlessly tuneful and addictive. (Joel Simches) - The Noise


Believe (EP-1995)
So Good (EP-1997)
Takin It All In (EP-1999)
On My Heel (EP-2001)
In Again (EP-2003)
Audio (EP-2005)
Extraordinary (Full length, Gotham Records-2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since the release of Mike Previti’s debut album “Extraordinary”, Previti’s high-energy stage show and hook crafted songwriting have garnered attention from peers and industry alike.

Hailing from Medford Massachusetts, a suburb north of Boston, Previti, who grew up playing clubs at a young age, made his bones throughout the Boston club scene, honing his craft of songwriting through years of hard work and struggle.

Previti’s debut album, “Extraordinary”, showcases his ability to write memorable songs, with substance and heart within the context. Produced by David Minehan (Paul Westerberg, Aerosmith) and Matt Beaudoin (The Click Five, Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Mike Previti’s 10-song debut is a mix of rock, heart and spirit that catch the attention of anyone who listens.

Gaining a solid fan base throughout New England, NY, and other areas around the country, Previti is now touring to promote “Extraordinary” throughout the Northeast. “It seems as though I’m gaining a lot of momentum…and fast”, says Previti, his debut album sparking great reviews around the country and in Europe. “

The passion Previti brings forth with his music and live show is gaining fans everywhere. Mike Previti’s fire, drive, and love of songwriting and performing are the elements of a true artist destined for success. “I love every aspect of what I do and plan on a long career. The music business is upside down right now so visibility through playing live is a huge factor in letting people know that I’ll be around for a long time…and of course writing great songs”.

Through radio, digital outlets, stores, and live shows, Mike Previti is proving he is a force to be reckoned with, gaining fans, and making true believers out of anyone who hears his music or sees him perform.

Mike Previti is here to stay.