Mike Previti

Mike Previti


Showcasing his immeasurable talent for writing hook-laden melodies with a carefully crafted rock edge, combined with an energetic stage show, Mike Previti’s 2006 Gotham Records debut, “Extraordinary”, has made true believers out of people everywhere.


Since the release of Mike Previti’s debut album “Extraordinary”, Previti’s high-energy stage show and hook crafted songwriting have garnered attention from peers and industry alike.

Hailing from Medford Massachusetts, a suburb north of Boston, Previti, who grew up playing clubs at a young age, made his bones throughout the Boston club scene, honing his craft of songwriting through years of hard work and struggle.

Previti’s debut album, “Extraordinary”, showcases his ability to write memorable songs, with substance and heart within the context. Produced by David Minehan (Paul Westerberg, Aerosmith) and Matt Beaudoin (The Click Five, Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Mike Previti’s 10-song debut is a mix of rock, heart and spirit that catch the attention of anyone who listens.

Gaining a solid fan base throughout New England, NY, and other areas around the country, Previti is now touring to promote “Extraordinary” throughout the Northeast. “It seems as though I’m gaining a lot of momentum…and fast”, says Previti, his debut album sparking great reviews around the country and in Europe. “

The passion Previti brings forth with his music and live show is gaining fans everywhere. Mike Previti’s fire, drive, and love of songwriting and performing are the elements of a true artist destined for success. “I love every aspect of what I do and plan on a long career. The music business is upside down right now so visibility through playing live is a huge factor in letting people know that I’ll be around for a long time…and of course writing great songs”.

Through radio, digital outlets, stores, and live shows, Mike Previti is proving he is a force to be reckoned with, gaining fans, and making true believers out of anyone who hears his music or sees him perform.

Mike Previti is here to stay.


Believe (EP-1995)
So Good (EP-1997)
Takin It All In (EP-1999)
On My Heel (EP-2001)
In Again (EP-2003)
Audio (EP-2005)
Extraordinary (Full length, Gotham Records-2006)

Set List

Set list includes all songs off of debut release "Extraordinary". One new song "Filter" and a cover of INXS' "Don't Change". Time runs around 45 minutes. Set list is determined by run time given.