Mike Previti

Mike Previti

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Energetic heartfelt songwriting with hooks and melody saturated throughout. A strong energetic live show that keeps the audience as a participant, not an on-looker.


After much success with his 2006 debut, "Extraordinary", Mike Previti's 2008 follow up "Lights", is a sophomore effort that cannot be denied.

Produced by Anthony J Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Elton John, Shawn Mullins), "Lights" is a collection of songs about strength, hope and spirit that make you believe from the first note, that Previti is an artist at the top of his game, ready to take the world stage. "I've been waiting to do a record like this for a long time", Previti says. "These six songs encapsulate all that I'm about at this point in my life, and also show my ability to write a strong song, and give it depth, whatever type of song I write".

Depth in his writing and professionalism as an artist is what allowed Previti to team up with producer Resta, who was blown away with Previti's songwriting abilities from the start. Previti's professionalism and determination also led to Collective Souls Ryan Hoyle, tracking drums for five of the six songs on "Lights".

Shortly after the release of "Lights", Mike was a featured artist on MTV's "The Real World: Hollywood" and on MTV.com. A licensing deal with Viacom followed which allowed for Mike's music being featured on many other television shows.

"Now the plan is to get out there and play live", Previti, says. "Playing live is so much a part of who I am". Previti's energetic live shows are a big part of the equation as to who Mike Previti is as an artist. "Giving these songs to an audience in a live setting is such a different dynamic, almost spiritual at points. I think it's important to have that part of the experience as well".

Songs of life, hope and everything in between, we are clued in on Previti's outlook on the world to bring us a fresh perspective and a distinct sound that will grab anyone's attention. Conviction, drive and heart are the backbone of this true artist, who is ready to standout, to be seen and to be heard.


Safe and Sound

Written By: Mike Previti

Safe and Sound
Music and Lyrics by Mike Previti

It’s not always easy, it’s not always right
Let it be your comfort tonight
When it’s unforgiving, let hope be your shade
Let it be your guidance, your way
Soaring through all the unknowns

I’m safe and sound
I’ve touched the ground
I’m everything I need to be
From life’s surround
I’m safe and sound
With you I’m stronger I am free

When the road seems never-ending, keep walking in your shoes
Never let it shatter your view
It’s not always easy, it’s not always right
Let it be your comfort

Repeat pre
Repeat chorus


I want to be the shooting star
Want to leave the gravity
Want to feel the earth move
It’s your heart I’m capturing

Little Man

Written By: Mike Previti

Little Man
Music and Lyrics by Mike Previti

I’m a lie I’m a zero
In your eyes you’re a hero
Tell em what you are
How you came upon it
Tell em how you fought
When they hit up on ya
You’re the laughing stock
And it’s in your honor
And it’s in your honor

Hey Little Man
Do what you can
Eyes are on you
Don’t fall from grace
Sinister plan
Chemical and
Yours on demand
Just get away


You’re on top you’re a jet stream
Burnin up yeah you’re glistening
Let me roll it out
Just for you to walk on
Let me hear you shout
Love it when you go on
But before you leave
I got something for ya
I got something for ya

Repeat chorus

You got the whole world wrapped around you
Your boat was big but seems your sinkin now

In Again

Written By: Mike Previti

In Again
Music and Lyrics by Mike Previti

Will it get much better?
It seems to stay the same
The heroes always cut you
And the villains never change

Are you wakin up?
Are you fallin down?
Are you spinnin out?
Are you comin close?
Is it what you know?
Can you let it go?

I’m walkin over landmines trippin to the sidewind
I’m lookin for the front view out is what I’m up to
I’m in I’m In Again

Can you hold it all together?
When clear skies turn to rain
Is it worth the bleedin when
Your heart and spirit break?

One Last Breath

Written By: Mike Previti

Fly above yourself
Reach with no one’s help
It’s ok to fall it’s ok to fall
It’s ok

Land without a net
Place your millionth bet
It’s ok to fall it’s ok to fall

Breathe your one last breath
Take the first step
Follow it through
See open your eyes
Make it your life
It all comes down

Push, scream and fight
Breathe, you know what’s right
It’s ok to fall
It’s ok it’s ok

It all comes down to you


Extraordinary - 2006
Lights - 2008