Mike Primeau

Mike Primeau

 Austin, Texas, USA

An elctrifying experience. a great blend of rock, blues, and jazz,
around a smooth, tumbled through gravel voice. with influences from elvis, the rolling stones, tom waits, and dirty chicago blues, and a floor board breaking live show, mike primeau puts on one hell of a good show.


born in oklahoma-with time spent in indonesia, mike primeau learned quite a bit from music through the years. playing various instruments including piano, trombone, violin, finally settling on guitar learned to arrange difficult songs like paul simon classics into one large sound. finally beginning to sing and through touring he has built a nice range from smooth presley style tenor with vibrato to gutteral growl reminiscent of tom waits and captain beefheart.


Some days--self produced 10 song ep
factory: live in Austin Texas 2009
available on Facebook.com: You Will Be Mine, Burn
various: Myspace.com/thebackalleymusicreview

Set List

Various please send request if needed.