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Mike Ritchey Songwriter

 Saint Peters, Missouri, USA

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Going Out In Style

Written By: Mike Ritchey

He combed his grey hair in the mirror
And buttoned up his vest
Brushed the dust off of his collar
Satisfied he looked his best
He was glad the old suit fit him
Same one he wore when they walked down the aisle
He was going out to see her
And he was going out in style

He reached down to his finger
And felt the golden band
Took a long look at the picture
Of when she'd put it on his hand
He said you've always been my angel
And I'll be there in just a little while
Save a place beside you
And I'll be going out in style

Then he sat down in his easy chair
Closed his eyes and she was there
In the white dress she had worn so long ago
The last thing that went through his mind
As his broken heart beat one last time
Was darling, I'm finally coming home

The people came to see him
And to send their friend away
Through the photographs and flowers
They went to where he lay
And as they all gathered 'round him
It was said that you could almost see hime smile
Like he did when he was with her
And they were going out in style

No he couldn't go on without her
So he was going out in style

He combed his grey hair in the mirror
And buttoned up his vest

I'll Let You

Written By: Mike Ritchey

Where've you been? Come on in
I'll let you
Tell me lies, it's no surprise
But I'll let you
I don't care where you've come from
As long as you come here
There's that smile, you can stay awhile
I'll let you

I know I should, but never could
Resist you
When those blue eyes look into mine
I want to kiss you
You make me feel the passion
I've been missing for too long
Wrong or right, just hold me tight
I'll let you

And I don't care about tomorrow
It's too much to think about
All I really need to know
Is you, here and now

I think I know where this will go
You'll whisper those three little words, well
Right back at you
N" then you'll say I'm sorry
And I'll tell you it's okay
Just close the door, turn out the light
Don't worry now, I'll be all right
Go on and go, let me close my eyes
And let you