Mike Ro

Mike Ro

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Up and coming Hip Hop artist out of Houston Texas. "God moves me and music motivates me" That has been my motto since entering the music industry in 2005


"God moves me and music motivates me" That has been the motto Mike Ro has carried with him since entering the music industry in late 2005. Born Micheal Brent Roumo on May 27, 1983, music has always been apart of his life. However Mike did not begin to develop his talent until he was 22 and a senior in college. Its was then that he realized his passion, and true love for the art of Hip Hop. Mike Ro is a man that has endured many hardships, the most significant was the lost and murder of his mother. "My mom was so talented and full of potential...its just a shame that she wasn't able to fulfill hers dreams before she died" Mike vowed to make sure that he didn't suffer the same fate and began to take his music seriously in 2007. Now at 26 Mike Ro has emerged as one of the most talented young artist in the industry. Backed by the unique merger of two companies X10DID FAMILY and iLL FADED PRODUCTIONS Mike Ro crafted his acclaimed debut album "Undisputed" slated to be released in late 2009. Author- Qua Tha Skit


"Sun Up Sun Down" - Single - Released - 10/12/09 Streaming on myspace, reverbnation - Airplay on jango, last.fm

Mike Ro - Dirty Jobs

Set List

Set lists include tracks that have been picked from my upcoming album, "DIRTY JOBS", and from projects that I'm currently working on.

Set lengths vary from 15-45 mins.