Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts

 Houston, Texas, USA

I write songs about the interactions of people. I'm an observer. My style appeals to sophisticated listeners with a taste for traditional styles, melancholy and humor.

I'm a crowd builder. If your venue needs music as a promotion, I do the work to help you grow your audience and business.


I'm a songwriter, but also an everyday working musician. I play in several bands - probably too many - for anybody who will listen.

It was in Nashville that I began writing songs. Mostly for myself at first – embarrassingly bad first-timer’s poetry – but I wasn’t to be deterred. I could sing, I could play guitar, I figured I should write my own songs as well. Everyone should try it, musician or not, you find out interesting things about yourself.

After three years in Nashville, I was off to New York City, where every musician has a dream to chase. I believe I lived mine. During my five years there, I recorded my first all original album, For Those In Orbit, composed a film score for an independent movie, toured the United States and Australia, and produced albums for Joe Thompson and Julie Foster.

I once bought a 30 days rail pass on Amtrak, traveling coast to coast just playing open mic performances. Ask me about that sometime.


The Fall

Written By: Mike Roberts

The vein that snakes below your heart
to find the Earth and your ending too
might have a poison all it's own
but it's the fall that's gonna kill you

You see, every heart is beating fast
but we were never built to last
Whoever knew you'd run so fast
to the one who could kill you?

We've got, we've got, we've got
no one else to blame for our love

One more time into the breach
to find the water and the fire
to make me the ever fruitful liar
with a trust that never fails you

But I hope it doesn't end like this
these strings should break before my heart
If the words you need seem to come too hard
then let the song I sing repair you

We've got, we've got, we've got
no one else to blame for our love

No we take our comfort, and give to our lovers
all that we've needed to give
but I get no further than dull thoughts of murder
from this life I've been meaning to live

We've got, we've got, we've got
no one else to blame for our love


For Those In Orbit - EP Released 2005
The Hitter Motion Picture Soundtrack - Instrumental 2004

My songs have also been recorded by other artists including:
Julie Foster - Continental Divide on her self-titled EP, 2007

Set List

Original music set list varies, but I can perform two hours of originals.

Eclectic covers with original arrangements can be added for gigs of extended length.