Mike Ruocco

Mike Ruocco

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

As a solo artist, Mike knows that CINDER ROAD fans will be with him on this journey. "I don’t care whether its 5 people or 50,000. I just love playing my music for people who love music like I do.” And the love, is why Mike Ruocco moves forward.

The Rise. The Ride. The Risk. out Spring 2012!


Baltimore, MD bred Michael Ruocco is a craftsman of true rock song. Inspired by the likes of Def Leppard to get up on stage, he started his first band, PLUNGE, at age 12 with school friends. “When we hit the stage and the girls screamed I knew that this was what I was meant to do...” he explains. His parents heartily supported his foray into music – knowing that Mike was precocious and driven and could become a success. The band took their budding career seriously and grew into one of the busiest cover/original bands in the mid-atlantic music scene, playing over 300 shows a year from Providence, RI to Key West, FL. PLUNGE first signed to European and Japanese labels before releasing their album “Hometown Hero” independently in the USA.

Shortly after “Hometown Hero” came out, Mike was invited to join another hometown act, SR-71 – recently signed to RCA Records. He joined the band as a bassist/background vocalist while maintaining work with PLUNGE in his time off from the extensive, worldwide touring they did. SR-71 grew into a Gold-selling band just as PLUNGE started attracting its own A-level attention. “I knew I had a great opportunity in front of me with SR-71, but I also knew if I left my band might not be there when I got back. Fortunately everything worked out,” Mike explained. He also learned a lot that he brought back to PLUNGE to enhance their career. “The rehearsals were more formal, we had a full road crew, the set lists were written out every show, we sold merch, signed autographs... everything.” Not to mention the fact that everyone in SR really pushed me to become a better and more experienced played. I know that I definitely left SR as a different person musically.”

In 2004 Mike returned to PLUNGE and the band signed with Union Entertainment Group (Nickleback, Hinder, Candlebox) manager John Greenberg. They shortly thereafter signed a deal with Columbia Records. Mike then began co-writing with different artists and producers such as Stacy Jones, SR-71 singer Mitch Allan, Holly Knight, Jack Blades, Jani Lane, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, John Corabi and many others. His collaborations with Aerosmith Producer/Co-writer Marti Frederiksen created a lasting musical bond. In what has become par for the course in the music industry, changes at Columbia prevented their debut album from ever being made. Their move to EMI was made through Chairman David Munns himself.

Mike and Frederiksen began work on “Superhuman” in 2006. Upon its completion in 2007, Cinder Road was born. During our 07/08 run we toured with Candlebox, Sick Puppies, Hurt, Puddle Of Mudd, Tesla, RED, Alice Cooper and The Vans Warped Tour. But it was in May of 2008 that CR would have an experience that we would never forget. We were asked to be the direct support band for the KISS Alive 35 tour in Europe. The band could not have been happier and we spent 2 months in over 30 different countries playing with Rock Icons KISS. Upon its 2008 release, the Japanese Press hailed Cinder Road as the "Shining Light of American Rock" and SuperHuman was named one of the 400 best albums of all time.

With both Cinder Road and Plunge Mike has spent a tremendous amount of time with Armed Forces Entertainment, volunteering our time to play shows for the troops. We have been fortunate enough to participate in 7 overseas tours to Japan, Guam, South Korea, Hawaii, Greenland, Cuba, Italy, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands in support of the US military and their families.

In 2009 Mike was signed to a publishing deal at Bug Music in LA where he works as a staff songwriter. With Producer/Song Writer Scott Stevens (Formerly of The Exies) he recorded the follow up album entitled "Damage Control" with his CINDER ROAD cohorts. “Our new album is a collection of songs that totally sums up the past 3-4 years of my and my band’s lives,” he says. “The ups the downs the goods and the bads. it's all there.” The difference from earlier CINDER ROAD music? He sums it up as “CR were heavier and more angry. I'm not angry anymore I am just determined to have my music heard.”

The album was released in the summer of 2010 in Japan. The band embarked on a Sold-Out tour of Japan in support of Michael Jackson Guitarist "Orianthi" in December of 2010.

Mike is continuing on as a solo artist with changing bandmates in support. He knows that CINDER ROAD fans will be with him on this journey. “For a relatively small band we have tons of fans with our band tattoos... We have had fans travel all over the country and the world to see us. They have been amazing to each of us.” Being on the road and seeing these fans means everything to this young veteran. “ I don’t care whether its 5 people or 50,000. I just love playing my music for people who love music like I do.” And the love, is why Mike Ruocco moves forward.


- Single "Too Late" released February 2012
The Rise. The Ride. The Risk. album out Spring 2012!

- Superhuman (2007) - Cinder Road

- Stand in Our Way EP (2007) - As Plunge and Cinder Road

- Here We Go Again (2004, Japan) - SR71

- Tomorrow (2002) - SR71

- Understand (2002) - Plunge