Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan

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Powering the future with a chameleon-like informative flow on sonic frequencies frequently fused together with cross-genre sounds and traditional hip-hop boom bap.


Mike Ryan is an MC / Visionary residing in the future and sometimes in Los Angeles. He uses every word of every lyric to create messages of information and change. "Rap is far too powerful a tool to let it go to waste on 'filler' lyrics and garbage". Growing up during the "golden age" of hip-hop, he credits artists such as Kool G. Rap and Slick Rick as major influences. He has ripped venues east, west, north, south, and most recently House of Blues (LA), The Roxy, King King, and collaborated with Digital Underground, Planet Asia, The Outlaws, Hussein Fatal, and The Officialz, just to name a few. The title of his most recent release "Preparations for Peace and Life" represents the evolution of an artist who has grown to realize what we really need in this new day.


Preparations For Peace and Life (LP) - 2009
On Approved Credit (LP) - 2007
Steel Reserve (Mix Tape) - 2007
And 2morrow (single, Tupac) - 2005
Kill Rizzo (LP) - 2004
Tecx, Micx, and Audiotape (LP) - 2003
L.A.B.S. (LP) - 2002
Conceited Bastard (LP) - 2000
Gravity (D n D) (LP) - 1999

Set List

4 different sets lasting at least 45 minutes, made to fit any occasion.