Mike Ryan Coyotes

Mike Ryan Coyotes

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

We are a band from South Texas that makes honest rebel music with Texas, Irish, Mexican, punk, blues, New Orleans influences with folk instruments and electric guitars. We bring you intelligent, biting lyrics for your drinking and dancing and/or revolution inspiring pleasure.


Mike Ryan Coyotes perform original music with choice songwriters from across the world weaved in.  Stamping a Texas twist on Irish Tunes and Rock 'n Roll, they fill every stage with enjoyment for your venue audience. Mike Ryan shares his stage with talented instrumentalists, from Grammy winning guitarists to a hometown solid rhythm section, sprinkled with backing vocal harmony and blended instrumentation. Book this band and you are assured a good time for all.


Jesus in a String Bikini

Written By: Mike Ryan and Gregg Goodman

Five shots of Tequila baby
goin' down to Mexico
Five shots of tequila guerro
goin' down where I don't know

Then I found my own Jesus
she was wearing a string bikini
hangin' out in front of god and everyone
holdin' hands in the sun, singin'

Gave me a lock of her hair

Written By: Mike Ryan

She gave me a lock of her hair
she said it'ld protect me stay alert and take care

She gave me a stone from her land
the blood of her people she put in my hand

She gave me the keys to her house
she said rest your head there's cold beer in the fridge

She gave me a smile from her face
I didn't know her name, but it made my whole day

Normally, Norma Lee

Written By: Mike Ryan

Normally Norma Lee
your words are sweet ambrosia to me
Normally, Norma Lee
tonight they're poisened darts of jealousy

So tonight, to avoid a fight
I'll get into my truck and drive through the night

Norma Lee, seek therapy
you're mad at me for what your Daddy did

Oh Norma Lee, normally
I wasn't even there when you were a kid
Sometimes, I look into your eyes
and think I see that gentle side
underneath that hot mess

Normally, Norma Lee
don't write or try to call or contact me


1995 VUELA Coyote Dreams
2010 EP DEMO MyCryin' Coyotes
2013 MAYBE Mike Ryan Coyotes

Set List

The Eagle in the Cactus
Neil Young
Feather in my Throat
Secrets in Lies (swing tempo, new arrangement)
Birds are Singin
Celtic Night

Mitakuye Oyasin:
Jesus in a String Bikini
The River Dead

New 2013 Album:
Under the Influence
Norma Lee, Normally
A lock of her hair
I'd Rather
Let's keep Anglish (the official lang.)
Our World is Doomed
Jack Booted Thugs

Various and A Sundries
Paddy Public Enemy #1 -The Pogues
Turkish song of the Damnend - The Pogues
Free Mexican Airforce - Peter Rowan