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Mike Sanjuan creates music that is shaped by the world around him, and it can be surmised in one word: Earthy. Not in the sense of dirt and stone, even though the rustic feel of the melodies woven into each song can be described as such, but as real. Earthy, blue collar, evoking, invoking: Real is the theme and he plays it well. Each note and each phrase deliver the feeling of being at a crossroads in life, a choice is waiting to be made.

Starting with his song “Paper Hand”, the artist expresses a feeling of hurt, but also an understands the complexities found in human nature. Real emotion folded into a bluegrass, folk-like tune that begs you to sing along. Move to “Compassionless Hearts” and you get a two sided story, one of a homeless man and a model citizen, both finding faults within each other, but the artist bringing out the middle ground. Mike describes his writing as cathartic: they are deep issues that he feels he wants to bring to light.

The artist began his journey in the music industry in 2001, but really started to hit the gas pedal in 2006. He’s played in groups in the past (Leave Me Broken c. 2005-6 and Clerisy c. 2006-9), but found himself bandless in the spring of 2009. After a 5 month gap, he began writing his first song “Troubled Man”, but had no intentions of recording the song. Then, after he recorded the guitar tracks (with encouragement from his friends), he then decided to record the lyrics and melody to the track. Mike never envisioned himself as a vocalist, he only saw himself as a guitarist, but the meaning and feel behind “Troubled Man” gave him the fire to finish. The song perfectly captures his place in life and the place he was in at that time. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“For the first time, I felt I had lost the one thing I had wanted in life. After that experience, it opened my mind to express myself freely and allowed myself to tap into a part of me that I don’t allow people to see. I felt like I need to tell someone, but talking to people only goes so far. Adding the melody to that track amplifies it and expresses the emotions and relief of getting those emotions off your chest.”

“Troubled Man” encompasses a feeling of being lost and not knowing where to go, as well as wanting self imposes burdens to be gone. Anyone can relate to that. He goes on to describe his writing as non prolific, and it’s just about what people are afraid to speak of. He aims to make personal issues relatable to anyone who hears what he makes and wants to tap into the humanity of the listener so they can know they are not alone in their struggles.

Mike has being playing with a live group since June 2012 and is currently playing local shows and tours.