Mike Sharp

Mike Sharp

 Catonsville, Maryland, USA

Roots tone and groove meet soulful melodies. Mike Sharp is a focused artist with a solid grasp of his craft and his audience. His music blends a broad range of life experiences and musical styles together on a new journey.


Mike is an artist with a tremendous range and a rich pallette. He has performed on street corners in the neighborhoods of Baltimore and Washington D.C. He's played in barns in Indiana and open fields in Pennsylvania, on the beach in South Carolina, in Utah bars, California coffeehouses, campuses, churches and community centers throughout the land, and wherever he goes-folks have a great time. Mike's music is an inspired blend of broad musical influences. He grew up listening to everything from Al Green to AC/DC, Louis Armstrong to Waylon Jennings and from the BeeGees to Otis Redding. What ties all of these varied sounds together in his love of them? -Great songs performed with talent and soul. This is his aim when writing and performing. Mike is a storyteller of remarkable range and writes about characters, circumstances and revelations we've all experienced; come along on the journey.


I <3 U

Written By: Mike Sharp

I <3 U

Sold the mortgage on my home

Couldn’t live without the latest phone

Did you know it sends your message to the stars

I just hope it doesn’t tell THEM where WE are

It’s hard to keep this up

I know you’re busy too

I hate to interrupt

But there’s something you must view

I less than three you (x2)

Boss called “Don’t bother comin’ in�

Lunchtime is too late to begin

MySpace and Facebook place their demands

I’m so busy adding all my brand new friends


I wanna Bluetooth your earlobe

I wanna post it on YouTube

I wanna live in my bathrobe

Never let anyone call me a ‘newb’


Move On

Written By: Mike Sharp

Move On

We all wake up in our mourning, when the light’s gone and there’s no one

And the day rolls slowly roasting, nothing tastes good, not as it should

Move On~let them bury their own

Move On~leave your nets behind and

Move On~there’s nothing left to see

We all drift off in our twilight, shadows just begun no where to run

And the night falls in a shower. Stars are burned out no dreams about

Move On~take the clothes on your back

Move On~kick the dust off your feet and

Move On~with a staff in your hand


Move On~pick your mat up and walk now

Move On~push your worries aside and

Move On~go and light up this dark world

~Bridge Outro~

The Right Thing

Written By: Mike Sharp

I had one chance with you
One chance, I blew it
One chance to do the right thing

We’ve grown too far apart
Too far for a change of heart
Too far to start from the beginning

You told the truth, I would not hear it

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing now

I had one chance with you
One chance, I blew it
One chance to do the right thing

You shed some light, it caste a shadow

I cannot fight, I cannot flee

I thought my love was true, but nothing gets by you does it baby

Here I am alone, please pick up the phone and hear me saying

I had one chance with you
One chance, I blew it
One chance to do the right thing

We’ve grown too far apart
Too far for a change of heart
Too far to start from the beginning

I had one chance with you
One chance, I blew it
One chance to do the right thing…the right thing


Written By: Mike Sharp

They never got along
always at each other's throats
resentment grows up strong
builds the towers, digs the moats
everything is fine
I cannot complain
the knots are all in line
just waiting for your train
He's easy to disdain
squeaky rolling lullaby
apathy brings less pain
'return to sender' alibi
Yes I knew him well
once we were the best of friends
only time will tell
my lips are sealed until the bitter ends
Everything gets better
the further I go
Everyday is brighter
than the one before

Shoulda Known Betta

Written By: Mike Sharp

Feelings come, there you go
but you shoulda known betta
Started good, ended toe to toe
and we shoulda known betta
I lost touch with who you were
and I shoulda known betta
He stepped in rather than defer,
and he shoulda known betta

You know my love is pure and true
still you can go, leaving me without you

Seasons change, we all know
but we shoulda known betta
Tides recede and blood will flow,
as if they know betta
Time it passes, visions fade
'til nobody knows betta
Nothing left of the plans we laid,
so we give up on betta

Here at the end, it's all too clear
finally I face my darkest fear
I can accept your saying 'goodbye'
Still here I stand asking 'why, oh why?'

Bane Of Me

Written By: Mike Sharp

If I see you after dark, walking all alone;
take the short cut through the park and keep your hand on your cellphone

You're the bane of me;
my mortal enemy

If I see you on the roadside and your car has broken down,
don't get out to flag a ride; pray you have a friend around

You're my nemesis.
My thoughts of you are all nefarious

Someday I will fall apart
I'm just trying to save your life
Every time I try to start,
what you've done cannot be made right

If you're in the parking lot, after the big show;
stick to all the well-lit spots and know where you're gonna go

You are my arch rival
You'll have to fight for your survival


MySpace Music page:


It is set up with ten full-length samples of Mike's original tunes as well as a Snocap store for purchasing these and others from his larger catalog.

Set List

Mike has a growing list of over 50 originals. He also has a repertoire consisting of hundreds of popular songs from across many genres. Below is a listing of some of these influential artists-

Classic Rock:

The Allman Brothers
Bad Company
The Beatles
Chuck Berry
David Bowie
Eric Clapton
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jim Croce
The Doobie Brothers
Neil Diamond
Bob Dylan
Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Joel
Lynyrd Skynyrd
John Mellenkamp
Steve Miller
Van Morrison
Tom Petty
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Bob Seger
Paul Simon
Bruce Springsteen
Cat Stevens
Three Dog Night
Pete Townshend
Neil Young


Johnny Cash
Patsy Cline
Charlie Daniels
Merle Haggard
Waylon Jennings
Roger Miller
Don Williams
Willie Nelson
Roy Orbison
Buck Owens
Kenny Rogers
Hank Williams

Jazz, R&B, Reggae and Soul:

Louis Armstrong
Ray Charles
Sam Cooke
Bobby Darin
The Drifters
Judi Garland
Marvin Gaye
Al Green