Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw


An effort to get God centered music to people's ears, and get the day focused on Christ.


Mike is a singer/songwriter from Birmingham, AL. He is married with two kids, Melodi (10) and Canon (5). He is active at A2 Church in Vestavia, AL where he frequently works with the music.

Mike grew up singing in choirs and ensembles, and heard just about every voice lesson his mother taught to her 300+ students. In college, he played and sang in a couple secular bands.

When the fun of college turned into the seriousness of family and career, Mike realized just how powerful music is.

"I was driving down the road and spontaneously started singing a song that I sang many years ago in high school. I immediately recommitted myself to my Christian life. It was then I realized the spiritual power of God's gift called music."

Mike's music ministry is an effort to use this power in the way it should be--for the Glory of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.



Written By: Mike Shaw

I've run a race that always rages
chasing truth that always changes
running back to starting lines again
Exhaustion calls out from the running
Stealing light out from the morning
Wondering where the steps will really end?
Can there be a race where winning
starts at the beginning?

I wanna live out in the sunshine rising up to meet His face
In the good ground sowing growing seeds of grace
To relate more than religion
With eternal notes of song
Is to hear His voice and find that you belong

I've watched my friendships glow and fade
Like supernovas on parade
Left behind on cool and dying stars
Moments hang like rocket silence
Dreams are lost in distant violence
Even friendship wonders who we are
There can be a tie that binds us
when the words won't find us


I'm learning that we grow in steps
But not all steps are growing
I'm seeing that we feel these facts without our knowing
This time we'll plant a step and turn around
To jump this crashing tide
Into water flowing, rising up a spirit glowing


Song for Our Life

Written By: Mike Shaw

Verse 1:
today the trees are looking like the trees
and the sun shines down just like the sun
no metaphor is needed to describe this day
it speaks for itself in every way

but we can't find the line that fills our eyes
in the shade of what we want to say
our own big words we're hiding behind
never allow us to find

What He shows us is the way
What He calls the truth he gave
When He made the life He made for you and me
wherever we are it's never too far
it burns like the sun and it shoots like a star
His song for our life

Verse 2:
We sit behind the glass and watch it all go by
pushing things to see if it will change
over and over it's the same old thing
a sunny day we never seem to sing

While the same small voice that brought us to life
calls our name like a song in the light
a tune that plays from the earliest time
leads us to where we can find


Those Who Stand

Written By: Mike Shaw

I was caught in the water
With the waves above my head again
While the shore, it got so far away
As I swam against my hopeless sin

But Jesus reached out and took my hand
And the water became as dry land
my soul cried Hallelujah! Praise my God!

Those who call upon the Lord
Call on the strongest power
And they shall not be moved

Those who stand upon His Name
Stand on the strongest tower
And they shall not be moved

Now I'm on that narrow way
With the sun of grace fresh in my eyes
While the shadow of His Hand falls down
From the troubled clouds that pass me by

As He's liftin' me on that hill
I see horizons in His will
The world cries Hallelujah! Praise my God!


Why should I be afraid?
When I call on His name?


The Answers There

Written By: Mike Shaw

Flowers growing in a stone
that only God can see
Red letters in a book
and whispers on her knees
Against the backdrop of a painting on the fridge
a voice that seems so small calls on a God so big

Birdsong fills the sleepy air
when the sun is not yet there
Things of Earth cannot compare
to a mother knelt in prayer
Shorter than a moment
Longer than a lifetime oh they echo through the years

A nightlight casts a glow
on barbies tucked in bed
A prayer said for the cat
and one for mom and dad
Against the backdrop of
some crayon on the wall
Forgiveness seems so big to words that seem so small

When the world does not seem fair
She will find the answers there
Things of earth cannot compare to a daughter knelt in prayer

Darker than a moment
Brighter than a lifetime
Smaller than a raindrop
Larger than an ocean
Sisters grandmas daughters mommas
Praying wind in motion

Shorter than a moment
Longer than a lifetime oh they echo through the years

When the world does not seem fair
You will find the answers there
Things of earth cannot compare to a daughter knelt in prayer

I Belong to You

Written By: Mike Shaw

I Belong to you

Before the dawn of time
You knew my wayward heart
and peace I could not find
You offered from the start
But I had gone astray and followed my own light
I heard You call my name
now I can say that

I belong to you
I belong to you
nothing here can take me from your hand
I belong to you
I belong to you
Nothing here can take me from your hand

Now I follow you
Because of who you are
Your way is always true
Your grace is never far
Your hand will always guide my heart to know your way
Until I see your face
And I can say that


I lift up my eyes
Your work is greater
The rest will fall away
Leaving eternal skies.



Mike is currently working on an untitled EP set for release in early 2010.

In 2007, Mike released the his 2nd project called "Song for Our Life". It features over the top pop, quiet acoustic, piano, classic rock, and some bluegrass thrown in for good measure.

New Songs and Hymn Reconstruction was released in 2003.

Projects are avalable at www.cdbaby.com, iTunes, and most major digital stores.