Mike Simon

Mike Simon


It evokes everything from Motown to Zeppelin in a modern rock setting.


Mike Simon is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, poised to leave his mark in rock music. His combination of introspective lyrics and intelligent songwriting will cut through today's disposable pop world to leave its mark and a truly timeless sound.


In the Middle

Written By: Mike Simon

I'm a little lost
Between the here and ever after
By only thoughts
I hear the echo of your laughter

But everyone I know
And everything I love will have to go
In a another row
As another season turns to gold

And I watched your soul bleed
Into nothing real
No place to go
Being Lost in The Middle of Me
Are you alone
On an endless highway in the distance
Or is it cold
When the winter chills you to the bone


Don't let your soul go pass you by
Even if the wind won't let you fly



Break to the Grey-EP
The Devil Below- played on Q101 Chicago
CD release this summer

Set List

Can play 100s of cover songs at the drop of a hat. I usually play between 15-20 original songs at the moment.