Mike Snodgrass

Mike Snodgrass

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Smooth, powerful vocals, funky guitar rythmns, and meaningful lyrics backed up by groovin bass, veristile drums, face-melting guitar solos, all wrapped up with a fun/comedic personality, are just a few things to compliment about Mike Snodgrass. You're sure to have a great time at any of his shows!


Mike Snodgrass is an aspiring singer/songwriter located in Knoxville, TN, originally from southern WV. Starting out as a drummer at a young age, Mike developed his musical talents into guitar and vocals. With his soulful singing, rhythmic guitar playing, and bluesy harmonica, Mike is sure to entertain a variety of crowds. Some of his influences include Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Ray LaMontange, Brett Dennen, and Keller Williams which you will feel in his music. He also performs a variety of covers ranging from Motown and Classic Rock to 90’s and current hits.


Love You

Written By: Mike Snodgrass

I don't know why I keep thinkin bout you
But your always on my mind
I don't know why I keep dreamin bout you
But I wanna sleep all the time

Cause I Love you
and that's never gonna change
And I need you
and I hope you feel the same
about me...

I can't explain the way I feel
It's too hard to describe
All I know is that when I'm with you
It's too hard not to smile

I can't eat
I can't sleep
without you on my mind
in every way
I know that you are mine

Relationship Games

Written By: Mike Snodgrass

Hey girl, what ya doin
who me? I'm just chillin
Cause that's what I do
That's what we do

Verse 1
You know you got what it takes to be my girl
the number one spot to be my world
but I got some hesitation before I persue
there's a lack of conversation between me and you

Pre Chours
So before we go further, let me introduce
if somehow it should occur, I won't need an excuse

Cause I don't play Relationship Games
so before we stay, some things has got to change
cause I don't play Relationship Games
I don't play them games

Verse 2
Well it happened to me in the past but ya know it didn't work out
well it was over so fast I didn't have no time to doubt
But you got something that I like
you're not known to cling and you're never uptight

Pre Chours


Mike Snodgrass announced the release of his debut CD “Experience” in April of 2011. Single “Love You” leads the way with a beautifully written and delivered song about love. This song is a ballad which is very relatable to audiences nationwide. It is retrospective, full of emotion with a wonderful melodic rhythm to it. This song is more low key than most of the songs on this CD. The CD as a whole is versatile in content but has a few common threads that runs through these songs such as love and happiness being the main theme, the arrangements of the songs and the delivery.

“Experience” is now available at most digital store fronts.

Set List

Originals (Acoustic Soul/Rock)

Covers include:
Dave Matthews Band
Jason Mraz
Michael Jackson
Ray LaMontagne
Lionel Richie
90's hip hop
and other various artists