Mike Souza

Mike Souza


Its time for a shift in the wind in this music business. Its time for the revolution.


I just play what my ear fancys. Feedback is telling me that it seems to inflict emotional attachment to people without lyrics. Im looking for other musicians who want to do one thing, play music and enjoy their careers with me.


Mike Souza THE NEW TRACKS: 1. A Shift in the Wind. 2. Midnight Running 3."S.Y.S.Y.S.T.T.D." (So You've Sold Your Soul To the Devil) 4.Hot Sauce 5. Blue Moon/Mikes Groove 6.Mist.
I have all these tracks in rotation on 90.7 KJHK in Lawrence Kansas.

Set List

I only play original material. I can play from 30 min to an hour and a half.